Dentists Say McCain Better for Dentistry

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In this survey, we asked dentists which presidential candidate would be better for dentistry. Dentists trend Republican, and the outcome of this poll was no

Two out of three dentists surveyed said John McCain would be a better president for dentists. One in six favored Obama, and the remaining one in six said there would be no difference between the two.

Rural dentists seem to be significantly more conservative.


Urban and suburban dentists are more likely to see no difference between the candidates.

Female dentists in this survey were nearly three times as likely as their male colleagues to support Barrack Obama.

Obama’s teeth would be a boon to dentistry

  • “Because of his sensational smile, Obama would give cosmetic dentistry a boost by being President.” (Georgia dentist)

A Republican would be better for the economy

  • “Due to higher taxes by Obama, there will be less money to spend on dentistry.” (Louisiana dentist)
  • “Obama will be a disaster, raising costs for employers and decreasing patient service. There will be less elective cosmetic services as the economy goes downhill!” (New Jersey dentist)

A Democrat would be better for the economy

  • “Dentists generally trend Republican because of the perception that it will be better for higher-income individuals. Although a Republican may provide more tax breaks for upper income individuals, Democrats have demonstrated a more conservative approach to handling of fiscal matters. As dentistry is generally an elective service, a good economy will bring more income to dental practices than any tax break.” (New York dentist)

Are we in for national health care?

  • “God forbid Obama gets in… socialized healthcare, here we come!!” (Arizona dentist)
  • “I think a national health care system would be more likely with Obama, which I think will be a disaster for the country.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “It is all about raising taxes and possible takeover of the health care system by the Democrats – very bad for America.” (California dentist)
  • “Obama could lead another health system reform movement, which could affect dentistry after medicine.” (Oklahoma dentist)
  • “Obama does not have the experience to lead and is wrong on many issues including health care.” (New Jersey dentist)
  • “Truly neither one will be good since the democrats in congress will call the shots and ram healthcare down our throats. Of course the idiots running the ADA want us included.” (New York dentist)

Obama won’t help the wealthy

  • “An Obama win would adversely affect all small businesses and any dentist whose income exceeds $150,000. A vote for Obama and his ‘change’ would be absolutely stupid.” (Washington dentist)
  • “Obama is a classic Robin Hood Democrat: Tax the people who work to create wealth, and redistribute it to the masses who don’t.” (Florida dentist)
  • “The Democrats’ idea of taxing the ‘rich’ hurts dentistry. Wealth is NOT taxed – earned income as a result of hard work is what would be taxed even more!” (Kansas dentist)

Who’s good for small business?

  • “Neither party has shown much concern for the small businessman/woman, but the Democrats tend to be very anti-business in their approach to life, and we can expect a plethora of new regulations under a Democratic administration.” (California dentist)
  • “Obama’s policies will negatively affect all small businesses. To him, we are all ‘rich people’ undeserving of consideration. McCain has a populist streak against corporations, especially Wall Street, but at least he is able to stand in front of factory workers (as he recently did) and state that if
    their businesses are taxed more, they will suffer. He has an understanding, however imperfect, that the dentists who put everything into their ‘small businesses’ should not be punished for reaping the benefits.” (New Hampshire pediatric dentist)

What’s good for the country is good for dentistry

  • “An Obama presidency will be better for America and thus will be better for dentists and dentistry.” (New York dentist)
  • “An Obama presidency would be better for the country, and therefore better for dentists. I used to be a fan of John McCain before he felt it was necessary to sell out to the right wing of his party to get the nomination. I am not looking for more of the same, nor am I hoping for massive new spending on social programs. I think Obama is smart enough to make the hard decisions he will be forced to make as president.” (California orthodontist)
  • “Whenever we become a more peaceful, productive society in the greater world, it is better for everyone. Obama is the only candidate who
    can bring more peace to the world and allow us to live collaboratively with all other cultures.” (New Hampshire dentist)

Dentists don’t favor socialism

  • “Obama is the most socialistic politician in the last forty years” (Orthodontist)
  • “Obama wants to curtail our hard-earned wealth since he seems to believe that we don’t deserve it, and he wants to redistribute it to those who don’t want to work as hard. Sounds like socialism to me.” (California dentist)
  • “Obama? At best, a huge tax increase. At worst, socialized dentistry!” (North Carolina endodontist)

Dems love taxes, right?

  • “Concern about tax increases.” (Wisconsin dentist)
  • “How much ‘change’ will be left in our pockets after the Obama tax increases?” (West Virginia dentist)
  • “Increased taxes will cripple expansion and lead to cutbacks.” (Texas prosthodontist)
  • “It is all about raising taxes” (General dentist)
  • “The last thing I need is higher taxes.” (California periodontist)

"The communist takeover is nearly complete"

  • “Both candidates should be considered enemy soldiers out of uniform, here to further facilitate the destruction of the US and to assist with plundering the wealth of Americans. Ignore this if you will, but the communist takeover of the United States is nearly complete. If you’re still around another year or so, you’ll witness its collapse yourself.” (Texas friend)


Note: Survey sample included 198 respondents.

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