Not Much Demand for Gold Dental Crowns Today

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In this survey, 6% of dentists reported that they have noted a decrease in demand for gold crowns due to the high price of gold. (Here's hoping your money's in
gold, not Washington Mutual stocks…)

However, most dentists agree that patients today tend to want tooth-colored restorations.

The dentists reporting fewer patients requesting gold crowns all practice in urban areas.

Dentists suggest gold more than patients ask for it

  • "Never have had much of a demand for gold. We still do gold crowns on 2nd molars about 30% of the time. but it’s usually me making the suggestion and not the patient asking for it." (Kentucky dentist)

People rarely want gold

  • "I have averaged about one gold restoration per year over the past twelve years, and that hasn’t changed. There are still a handful of patients who value old school craftsmanship." (California dentist)

Have your lab fees increased?

  • "It hasn’t affected them because my gold and PFM fee is the same (and I use 75% Au alloy)." (Ohio dentist)

The cost of everything is going up

  • "I suppose as resources become more precious over time, the other metals will increase in price also, and this might have a weightier effect." (Wisconsin dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 36 respondents.

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