VP Candidates Sway 1 in 5 Dentists

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In this survey, we asked dentists if the announcement of VP candidates had caused them to reconsider their votes.

Three out of four dentists have already made up their minds, and were not swayed by the VP choices. On the other hand, fully 18% said they expected the VP to change their vote.

“The VP choice did not change my outlook, but did renew my enthusiasm,” said one dentist.

Rural dentists were distinctly more likely to change their vote due to the VP candidates. Only half of rural dentists remain as certain in their vote as they were before.

As in our previous political surveys, the majority of our dentist respondents favor the Republican party.

However, it’s worth noting that almost as many dentists have switched from McCain to Obama as vice versa.

Time to be more conservative

  • "As business owners, we better hope that Washington becomes more conservative — and that means BOTH parties.” (Georgia dentist)
  • “Unless they work in for the govt. or a school, any dentist who votes for Obama truly has a death wish.” (Texas orthodontist)
  • “I am not thrilled with either candidate, but I do not want the ultra-liberal candidate in the White House.” (Tennessee dentist)

Time to be less conservative

  • “Even though Obama may be a little harder on my pocketbook, Washington needs more of a shake-up than McCain. Either will be a vast improvement over Bush. There is hope….” (Texas dentist)
  • “McCain is full of it! What a choice!?!?!?!” (Wisconsin dentist)

Love for Sarah Palin

  • “I was ready to dump the Republicans, and vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. But Palin totally brought me back!!” (Arkansas dentist)
  • “Palin seals the deal!” (Ohio dentist)
  • “Palin makes me more comfortable voting for McCain, although I NEVER could have voted for Obama.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “Palin is a great choice. She offers a stark contrast to Joe Biden, who is a non-charismatic political hack.” (Maryland dentist)
  • “Sarah Palin has real life experience that is very appealing on the ticket.” (Ohio dentist)

No love lost for Sarah Palin

  • “Caribou Barbie only makes me more sure that I have to do what I can to help the Obama ticket win.” (Florida dentist)
  • “McCain showed he was a doddering fool by picking this woman over many other better qualified ones. I am a woman dentist, and I am mortified by his lack of judgment.” (Arizona prosthodontist)
  • “My decision is based on issues. That said, I do not believe that Mrs. Palin is qualified to be President of the U.S. and that should be the benchmark of a V.P candidate. John McCain did not put ‘Country First’ with his V.P. choice.” (California dentist)

The politics of VP choices

  • “Obama probably won in the VP choice, but McCain may get the best gain from his choice.” (Texas dental professional)
  • “The VP choice did not change my outlook, but did renew my enthusiasm.” (California dentist)
  • “I think McCain picking a woman will sway Hillary people.” (Michigan dentist)
  • “I hate media hypocrisy! Check outhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/04/jon-stewart-hits-karl-rov_n_123852.html [Huffington Post coverage of John Stewart slamming the media’s biased coverage of Palin]." (Missouri dentist)

Anything but more of the same

  • “I would have voted for the ‘old’ McCain. Now he's McBush.” (Nevada dentist)
  • "I am not a Democrat and have never voted for one for President, but the Republicans under Bush have screwed up so badly they deserve to lose.” (Michigan dentist)

Actually, anyone can be a write-in candidate

  • “If there was a write in candidate, I would consider them…” (Florida dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 83 respondents.

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