Dentists Find Denture Patients Hard to Satisfy

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In this survey, we asked dentists if denture patients have realistic expectations of dentures.

Fully five out of six dentists (87%) said that patients expect dentures to be easier than they actually are. Only 13% felt patients have realistic expectations.

“No matter how much you tell them how difficult it’s going to be, they still don’t get it," sighed one dentist.

General dentists are more likely to feel that patients don’t know what to expect from dentures.

Specialists were more likely to feel their denture patients knew what they were getting into. Of course, doctors such as prosthodontists are
specialized denture dentists.

They get it? They don’t get it?

  • “I generally find that patients know that dentures are dentures. The exceptions tend to be doozies! ” (Illinois dentist)
  • "No matter how much you tell them how difficult it’s going to be, they still don’t get it." (Minnesota dentist)

Some people will never be satisfied!

  • “Good example: Had a patient with tons of retention (even suction on lower!) but he thought they didn't fit because they ‘squished’ slightly (soft tissue compression) when he chewed! ” (West Virginia dentist)
  • “Many patients think that dentures will solve all of their problems and will never need to be replaced. ” (Tennessee dentist)

Dentures are complicated

  • “For every procedure that I do, except dentures, I have a single-page consent form. For dentures my consent form is 4 pages long!” (California dental implantologist)
  • "Dentists mostly don't either. Very well done dentures work much better than most think possible. ” (New York dental anesthesiology resident)

It’s the dentist’s job to tell the patient what to expect

  • “If the provider spends the time discussing what to expect at each appointment in the process of construction, then they will know what to expect. ” (Illinois dentist)
  • “It is very important to educate patients so they have realistic expectations." (Utah dentist)

New denture wearers are in for an unpleasant surprise

  • “Many immediate denture patients have expectations of better-than-natural teeth function and stability. Many long-time denture wearers expect their new denture to be as good as sometime in their past memory. Good denture wearers are adaptable, even with a poor denture. People who don't adapt to well cannot make a great denture work well. ” (Washington dentist)
  • “New denture patients have a big adjustment. Experienced denture patients are always much easier, but the over 80-crowd is very difficult due to the dementia and loss of muscle tone and neuromuscular control. ” (Texas dentist)
  • “The higher advances in cosmetic dentistry and more awareness due to mass media has raised denture patients’ expectations of what they
    feel their outcome should be.” (General dentist)

The prosthodontists vs. the general denture dentist

  • "Part of the problem is our skill level at providing a service we provide very rarely now as general practitioners. I personally only make one or two dentures a year. It’s hard to stay competent and confident with your skill levels at that rate.” (General dentist)

You get the false teeth you pay for

  • “Patients can pay $5-10K for a very well-fitting and functioning denture, but 99% are looking for the very cheapest option.” (California dentist)

Take care of your denture wearers

  • “Dentures always are a last resort, of course. When dentures are necessary, I make time to hand set porcelain teeth and give the patient the option of having dental implants to secure their gorgeous new denture to (if there is enough bone to support this treatment). To say that my patients are thrilled and relieved is an understatement.” (Alaska dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 102 respondents.

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