Braces Cost More from an Orthodontist

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When we asked doctors how much they charge for braces, we found significant variation. General dentists charge an average of $5,040 for ortho work, while orthodontists charge about $5,600.

Adult braces and Invisalign costs were about equal. Among both groups, teen braces were the least expensive option, costing several hundred dollars less.

By Region

Braces cost the most in the Northeast, the Pacific, and Canada. Affordable braces can most easily be found in the American West.


Urban dentists charge more for ortho treatment than do suburban or rural doctors. In fact, city dentists charge about $500 more than do country docs.

Braces are cheap

  • “Over that past 30 years the cost of braces has not kept pace with cost-of-living increases. Thankfully technology has allowed greater efficiency and consequently reasonable profitability for the orthodontist and a good price for the consumer.” (Washington orthodontist)

Some offer Invisalign; some don’t

  • “I don't use Invisalign – I make my own and adjust the aligners with Hilliard Thermopliers.” (Kentucky orthodontist)
  • “I only offer Invisalign and I only treat adults with Invisalign.” (Virginia dentist)
  • “The fee for Invisalign depends on if the patient is having Express Invisalign or Full Invisalign. The average fee my office charges for Full Invisalign is approximately $5,000, and it’s $3,500 for Express Invisalign.” (Ohio prosthodontist)

Different kinds of orthodontics

  • “Removable braces should be less expensive than fixed appliances.” (Virginia dentist)
  • “I charge the same fee for all Phase II cases, whether on a Teen or Adult. Phase I ortho fees depend on the appliances used to intercept growth and development.” (Nebraska dentist)

Ceramic braces cost more

  • “Additional $400.00 for upper ceramic brackets.” (Ohio orthodontist)
  • “Braces fees quoted are for metal only. Ceramic is $300 an arch higher.” (Illinois orthodontist)


Note: Survey sample included 123 respondents.

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