Cost of Dentures Varies Widely by Dentist

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This survey revealed that 96% of general dental practices offer dentures.

Responding dentists reported charging an average of $2,900 for a full set of upper and lower dentures.

However, there is great variation in the cost of dentures. Some general dentists reported charging $1,000, while one prosthodontist defended his $10,000 fee for dentures.



"Denture fees should be raised to at least $6,000 for a full set of upper and lower," said one dentist.

It is hardly a surprise to learn that prosthodontists charge more for dentures than do general dentists — on average, over $500 more.

Not only have prosthodontists completed additional schooling, they are also more likely to end up with difficult cases or frustrating patients.

The cost of dentures also has to do with where you live. This survey found dentures to be most expensive in the Northeast.


This survey also revealed that rural dentists tend to charge less for dentures.

Dentures don’t cost enough

  • “For what you do and the expectations, it should be twice that!” (Illinois dentist charging $2800)
  • “I should charge more.” (New York dentist charging $3000)
  • “Whatever you can charge, it's never enough.” (Tennessee dentist charging $3000)

Are you charging enough?

  • “Charge anything less and it's not worth it.” (Tennessee dentist charging $4000)
  • “You must charge more to make them worthwhile. I do not do lowers without supporting implants.” (Texas dentist charging $5200)
  • “A good and grossly under-valued service.” (Pennsylvania dentist charging $3000)
  • "The average ‘non-clinic’ fee in my area for conventional dentures is around $2,500. I am now using the Turyfill Method of making dentures and that fee ranges from $5000-8000 depending on the case. The average fee for quality dentures is way under-priced. In order to make a comfortable, functional and esthetic denture takes time and precision. Patients need to be educated on the value of this service so they understand the higher fees. Why be cheap and not precise about something a lot of people wear 24/7 and function with the rest of their entire life?! They need be educated on value of the service!" (Florida dentist charging $2500)

Lower dentures demand dental implants

  • “I will only do lower complete dentures on implant support.” (Kentucky dentist charging $2500)
  • “I insist on having two implants placed to support the lower denture, which adds approximately $5000 to the total cost. I've given up on free-floating lower dentures.” (North Dakota dentist charging $3200)
  • “I only offer dentures if I can also place implants to secure them.” (Texas dentist charging $3400)
  • “We try to get patients to have at least two implants placed on the bottom.” (General dentist charging $3500)
  • “I offer implant-retained dentures.” (Arizona dentist charging $4500)

Denture implants are a good option

  • "Most of the lowers have dental implants, which adds $5000, and a few have upper implants. We do external ads to build this business." (Missouri dentist charging $4000)
  • “Don't offer them if you're not willing to place Mini-Implants when you can't make them happy!” (Arkansas dentist charging $1700 )
  • “Mini implants have made mandibular dentures much more rewarding.” (Arkansas dentist charging $1950)
  • “Who makes lower complete dentures anymore? I prefer implant retained overdentures." (Prosthodontist charging $1300 per denture)

Dentures are fun

  • “Most denture cases are fun. The patients are grateful and not demanding in terms of scheduling, and they don’t complain if they have to wait five minutes. The occasional case from hell just has to be accepted as that – an occasional case from hell.” (Oregon dentist charging $2600)

Dentures are no fun

  • “Dentures cause me more headaches in my practice than anything else I do. Especially immediate dentures, which decrease in fit as the patient heals." (Indiana dentist charging $2200)
  • “There are times when no amount of money could compensate for the grief of doing dentures!” (California Dental Implantologist charging $6000 )

It takes a lot of time

  • “At my office we produce very high quality dentures for our patients. In order to do so, 4 to 5 appointments are necessary, and we include up to 2 adjustment appointments in the fee.” (Ohio prosthodontist charging $3600)
  • “Got to charge a lot to make any money on these. They are so labor intensive.” (Georgia dentist charging $3100)
  • “I am good at them. They do require a good lab and a lot of attention.” (Indiana dentist charging $2400)

Special services

  • “This fee is for neuromuscular dentures, which require much more attention to detail.” (Texas dentist charging $5800)
  • “I charge another $500 per arch for immediate placement.” (New York dentist charging $4000)
  • “I charge an additional fee for porcelain teeth ($300 per denture) and custom dentures ($300 per denture)." (California dentist charging $1200)

Affordable dentures

  • “I give a 20% discount to patients over 55.” (California dentist charging $1000)
  • “Welfare in NY state pays $1200.” (New York prosthodontist charging $1000)
  • “It recently came to my attention that denturists are charging much much more than dentists. Why have we as a profession given this care away?” (Canada dentist charging $1200 including lab)

The fee is in line with the quality of service

  • “As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, my fee is in line with the quality of the service I offer. Usually the treatment at the chair is 8-10 hours and the finishing /characterization time from our in-house Master Tech could take 6+ hours. I think denture patients deserve the same high-quality care as our fixed and implant patients. They appreciate our efforts.” (New Jersey prosthodontist charging $10,000)


Note: Survey sample included 202 respondents.

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