The Front Desk May Disappoint

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Dentists have a range of opinions about their front desk staff, found this survey.

A third of dentists (34%) said their front desk team does an amazing job, and another third (31%) said those team members are satisfactory.

However, 24% of dentists acknowledged that they lose patients at the front desk. Another 11% admit that they need to prioritize additional
front desk team training.

How the front desk related to accounts receivable

  • "My front desk person just left for medical reasons and I discovered huge amounts of denied claims and inadequate insurance processing. My accounts receivables are horribly high and probably lost forever. I didn't pay enough attention." (Massachusetts dentist)

Meetings and monitoring keep the front desk working well

  • "No horror stories here. I only hire top-quality staff with experience and my office managers and I regularly monitor their work and progress. Daily morning staff meetings also help in preventing problems!" (Ohio prosthodontist)

When the front desk is bad, they’re really really bad

  • "There are too many horror stories to count." (New York dental office worker)
  • "Do I have any front desk horror stories? It's too painful to reply." (Texas dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 96 respondents.

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