Obama Fails When It Comes to Dentists

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As our new President approaches 100 days in office, 67% of dentists we surveyed don’t approve of the job he’s doing, and over half of respondents gave him a grade of D or F.

"He is a socialist and he does not have America’s best interests at heart!" declared one.

Report Card:
Barack Obama
as graded by dentists
A 19%
B 12%
C 11%
D 26%
F 32%

Dentists’ biggest political concerns are taxes, the economic stimulus plan, and health care.

Dentists tend to be relatively high-income small businesspeople, and previous surveys indicate that dentists as a group tend to be significantly more
conservative than the country as a whole. Prior to the primaries, a Wealthy Dentist survey found Mitt Romney to be the favorite candidate of dentists.


We received an enormous number of comments on this survey.

Obama problems

  • “America needs to wake up and get him out of the office.” (Maryland dentist, F)
  • "I voted for change! Accountability! Responsibility!…" (Indiana dentist, F)
  • “An absolute power grab is occurring. This is the largest growth of the federal government ever witnessed in this country.” (Nebraska orthodontist, F)
  • “Poor leader and tries to appease those who oppose the U.S. instead of backing up his country! I am ashamed.” (Illinois dentist, D)
  • “Narrow vision of the world.” (Michigan dentist, D)
  • “He needs to get a real job and face the realities he is foisting upon us." (C)

Recovery takes time

  • “It took a lot longer than 100 days to get us into this mess – it will take longer to get us out.” (Florida dentist, A)
  • “Remember why there is a problem. It is not because of Obama. Started way before this Jan.” (Utah dentist, A)
  • “Allow time for programs to take effect.” (North Carolina dentist, B)

Obama lacks experience

  • “He does not have enough experience. He is taking our country down a dark road.” (Texas dental office worker, F)
  • “He is a rank amateur and a complete narcissist.” (North Carolina orthodontist, F)
  • “He is destroying our economic future as well as our standing in the world community.” (Texas dentist, F)
  • “He is in over his head, absolutely incapable.” (Florida dentist, F)
  • “He is way in over his head…We are in real trouble!!” (Texas dentist, F)

Obama is better than Bush

  • “One can more clearly now see how absolutely awful young Bush was as a leader and statesman.” (Louisiana dentist, A)
  • "He has been handed a tough job by President Bush's mismanagement and lack of relevant focus." (Michigan dentist, A)
  • “President Obama is a true leader of change.” (Florida dentist, A)
  • “Obama is what this country needed after 8 years of a doofus!” (Texas dentist, A)
  • “The man inherited an absolute mess from the previous administration. He is opening up diplomatic channels to a lot of countries we should have been talking to years ago. Because of the Bush administration and extremist neoconservative Republicans, I am out of the Republican Party.” (Texas dentist, A)
  • “Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are idiots.” (Idaho dentist, B)

Flawed economic strategies

  • “His wealth distribution is so backwards. I almost completely disagree with his entire economic strategy.” (Washington dentist, F)
  • "He's mortgaging everyone's future." (Ohio dentist, F)
  • “Reckless spending will deepen our economic problems.” (Louisiana endodontist, F)
  • “Wasting money on failed industries.” (Rhode Island dentist, F)
  • “Too much spending. Too much taxing.” (California periodontist, F)
  • “We have witnessed one of the greatest non-wartime spending sprees in our history. Only to now find out that what we thought we were getting
    (infrastructure) is to be replaced by pipedreams (high speed rail & wind farms).” (Ohio dentist, D)
  • “Obama inherited a government that was spending far too much and was operating with a huge fiscal deficit. Obama's solution to the deficit? TRIPLE it! If human history is any guide, we should expect higher taxes and devastating inflation within the next five years.” (California dentist, D)
  • “Just keep printing up that funny money and all our problem will vanish! Yeah, right.” (Indiana dentist, D)

Is Obama anti-USA?

  • “For any American President to sit smiling while a dictator like Chavez berates the US is the height of absurdity… If we have another terrorist attack (God forbid), it will be Obama's fault, pure and simple.” (Florida dental office worker, D)
  • “He's one of the worse things that could possibly happen to anyone in this Country who has loved it because of everything about its founding. He's determined to destroy all those remnants.” (Arkansas dentist, F)
  • “We now are getting glimpses of his disdain for everything this country was founded on.” (Kansas dentist, F)
  • “We need lots of prayer – our country is in deep financial trouble and I feel he has only made it worse by giving to those who helped get us in this condition. Rewarding unacceptable behavior and performance is against what our country was founded on, and I find it disgusting!!” (Georgia dental office manager and hygienist, C)

Obama is a socialist

  • “We're digging a hole into the pit of socialism–the opposite of what made the US the country it USED to be.” (Oregon orthodontist, F)
  • “The most anti-business socialist president in the history of this country!” (dentist, F)
  • “The media is even worse than he is, ignoring the socialism, his questionable tax-cheat appointees, his naiveté, and his appeasement policies.” (California dentist, F)
  • “He is bankrupting our nation and turning us into a socialist country.” (Pennsylvania dentist, F)
  • “He is a socialist and he does not have America's best interests at heart!” (Alabama dentist, C)
  • “Socialism does not work.” (California periodontist, D)
  • “Most of what I see happening goes against small businesses. It appears we are headed for a Socialist government. Socialized Medicine/Dentistry, here we come.” (Colorado dentist, D)
  • “Leading us down the path to socialism, bailing out financial companies that don't need it, simply to help consumers be less fearful. The public continues to be manipulated by politicians, more so now than ever!” (Kansas orthodontist, C)
  • “He has changed from a war on terror, to a war on producers. I do not want a Marxist America, the USSA.” (Georgia pediatric dentist, D)
  • “He is farther left than most of the poor souls that voted for him realized…. He truly is a socialist.” (Colorado orthodontist, D)

Doing OK for a liberal

“For a liberal, I think he is doing OK. I think he has moved more to center since the election. I believe his foreign policies toward Europe and Cuba have been long overdue. I approved of his handling of the pirate incident, but was disappointed in his stand toward Venezuela and N. Korea. These idiots need to see the US take a hard line. I am concerned about our plans to rid the world of terrorists… not going to happen. The economy is going to recover despite the efforts of congress… time is our biggest ally.” (Texas dentist, B)

President for Life?

“He is trying to turn our country into a socialist nation. Mark these words. He will attempt to change the Constitution and extend his term past 8 years. He wants complete control of the masses of people that pay little or no taxes, receive government support, and will re-elect him President for Life. He is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.” (Florida dentist, D)

We need jobs – and time

“President Obama inherited a country in severe economic decline. He is trying to take bold actions to help us out of it. What the country needs is jobs. By getting people working and paid, then they will begin spending, buying work clothes, eating at diners at lunch, etc. The money is spread around. Germany was in much worse condition during the Great Depression. Hitler created jobs building the Autobahn, new building constructions and building up the military. All these jobs did not create marketable products, but simply got people working and paid. Then THEY went out and bought products. Job creating is the most important thing we can do right now. It will not be fixed overnight. The US is a huge ship, not a speed boat. We cannot change things overnight, but must be patient to allow things to work.” (Alabama dentist, B)

Exploiting an economic crisis

“The Obama administration and Congress are taking advantage of the current economic 'crisis' as justification to ram through spending legislation, most of which does nothing to address the current economic situation. It's very irresponsible to triple the budget deficit of what it was at the end of the Bush administration and then mislead the American public by saying he (Obama) will cut it in half. Yes, it may be cut in half, but that's half of the increased deficit amount, not the original amount. I also do not think it is a good idea for the government to run the healthcare system. To get an idea of what that would mean, just look back at the days of the U.S. Public Health Hospital System, which Reagan eliminated in the 80's. To me the solution is pretty simple. Rather than having a massive inefficient government bureaucracy, there should be a set of mandates passed that will guarantee access to and reduce the rates of health insurance coverage. The guidelines should also require that individuals are required to have a minimum level of coverage. This is similar to what already has been successfully done with auto insurance. With more people in the insurance pool, not only would the obvious benefit of access to healthcare occur, but premium costs would be dramatically less.” (California dentist, F)

Time for health care reform

“I welcome his attitude
towards making healthcare available for all along with a uniform digital health patient record as a top domestic policy to improve our nations economy and health simultaneously. It is still undecided on whether he stands with the doctors or big business/pharma on doctors' compensation. Increasing tax rates for those making over $200k is not good, but I am sure that through corporate and tax planning dentists can minimize tax liability. I think we are in better shape than the previous administration.” (Georgia dentist, A)

Too much debt

“Too much debt on every level—personal, business, and government—got us into this mess; expecting more debt—primarily government/taxpayer debt—does NOT fix the problem. It merely delays, prolongs, and worsens the inevitable "correction" that the free market will impose—recession, depression, or total collapse of our monetary system. However, it does allow the politicians to create the illusion of "helping" because it shifts the burden of the coming suffering from those who are most guilty of economic stupidity to those least guilty—those who actually played by the rules, worked hard, saved money, took care of themselves by living within their means, built equity in homes and businesses. We can thank our "political gain at any cost" crowd in DC for all of this, and Obama and his slick-talking pals are the worst of them.” (Georgia Orthodontist, D)

What a great job so far!

“B+ – Because I think he can and will do better. But WOW, what a job he has done thus far. I believe the country is pulling together. Plain and simple a financial crisis that took more than a decade to crest will not be solved over night. And, yes there will be more suffering. Just as many of us were rolling like happy little pigs in mud, the piper has come.” (North Carolina dentist, B)

'Chains' we can believe in

“Maintaining our Neocon/empire policies of war in the middle east and elsewhere, appointing unscrupulous and dishonest people to his cabinet and other posts, adding $10 trillion to our existing $11 trillion of debt and $60 trillion underfunded entitlement programs, and maintaining economic policies and principles that created our problems and didn't see the collapse coming – 'Chains' we can believe in!!!” (Pennsylvania dental professional, D)


Note: Survey sample included 190 respondents.

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