Dental Continuing Education

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This survey found dentists averaging 70 hours of clinical CE and 15 hours of practice management CE each year.

"The minimum requirements are ridiculously low," said one.


Doctors’ top priorities for clinical dental continuing education are implants, and cosmetics.

Orthodontics and sedation dentistry were doctors’ lowest clinical priorities.

Somewhere in the middle we find periodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics.


The top dental management continuing education priority was team training, followed by leadership and office systems.

Dentists appear less interested in education on technology and new patient marketing.

“Unfortunately, in New York, CE credit is not obtained for practice management courses,” mentioned one dentist from that state.

You don’t get credit for all your CE

  • "Most practice management is through articles in journals and on the internet, but are not certified by my State Board.” (Ohio dentist)
  • “Unfortunately, in New York, CE credit is not obtained for practice management courses.” (New York dentist)

Anything but the same old same old

  • “Practice management seminars mostly rehash the same trivial information.” (Prosthodontist)

Education is a must for dentists

  • “The minimum requirements for CE are ridiculously low. Practitioners owe it to their patients to continue to learn and grow as a health care provider.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “You've got to stay current.” (Connecticut periodontist)

Other continuing ed priorities:

  • “1. Treatment of chronic pain associated with TMD. 2. Understanding the relationship between the patient's neurology and their mandibular position/occlusion. 3. Dental and medical inter-relationships.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “Lasers.” (New York dentist)
  • “Occlusion.” (Washington dentist)
  • “Occlusion, composites, and bonding.” (Prosthodontist)
  • “Sleep apnea.” (Nevada dentist)
  • “Snoring and Sleep Apnea.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “Risk management; malpractice, employment and tax laws, and updates on board regulations.” (Texas orthodontist)


Note: Survey sample included 35 respondents.

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