Dentists: Sleep Apnea Patients Worth $2,400

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dentists and sleep apnea treatmentJust under half of dentists responding to this survey say they treat sleep apnea.

Those who offer sleep apnea treatment say the average sleep apnea patient is worth about $2,400 in the first 9 months.

"I wish everyone screened for this, and every course I teach emphasizes this," said one doc.


Specialists in this survey were far more likely than general dentists to treat snoring and sleep apnea.


Dentists were split right down the middle when it comes to screening dental patients for sleep problems.

Half said they do, and half said they don’t.

There’s money in sleep apnea patients

  • "I see a couple of hundred sleep patients yearly. Patient value averages $3000-3500 on sleep, but they also lead to many TMJ cases as well as full-mouth reconstructions. Most patients come from I HATE" (Illinois dentist)

The value of screening

  • "I include specific screening questions in my health history." (North Carolina dentist, $2600)
  • "I wish everyone screened for this, and every course I teach emphasizes this." (Texas dentist, $4000)

You need training and support

  • "I treat because I have the training in sleep disorders and appropriate appliance therapy." (California dentist, $2000)
  • "If you are treating sleep apnea you need to be well-versed and have networks with local physicians established." (Illinois dentist, $2000)

The importance of sleep medicine

  • "Sleep studies need to be done on moderate and severe cases." (Tennessee dentist)

Insurance woes

  • "Very hard to get insurance coverage.  Very successful treatment." (California orthodontist, $2500)

Someone is mad, but I’m really not sure why…?

  • "This is a disgusting, unprofessional way to handle a treatment that can save lives. We are doing all we can to increase professionalism so that physician colleagues can feel comfortable working with dentists." (General dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 41 respondents.

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