Dental Continuing Education: Seminars Still Rule, But Online CE Is Catching Up

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Dental continuing education: Dentists' favorite CE resources, from seminars to online classes

Continuing dental education can happen in a lot of places, but local seminars are still dentists’ favorite educational resource.

However, online dental continuing education is picking up steam; about half of dentists say they use Internet CE.

So where do dentists get their dental continuing ed?

  • 81% go to state or local dental CE seminars
  • 47% use online continuing dental education
  • 47% go to far-away seminars
  • 47% enjoy vacation destination dental seminars
  • 23% use print media such as magazines

"I go wherever I think that I can get good information," said a Tennessee dentist.

Save money – get local or online CE

  • "I’m attending less and less far-away or vacation destination seminars and saving lots of money doing so. I’m finding that there a lot
    of excellent seminars within 50 miles of my practice here in Ohio. Why waste money on extensive and expensive travel for CE?" (Ohio
  • "There need to be more online, interactive classes that count the same as attending live classes." (Texas dentist)

Who’s sponsoring your education?

  • "I don’t go to review-type courses or lectures who have interest or paid connections to sponsors."
  • "So many current CE offerings are merely promotions of products sponsored by manufacturers. Where is the balanced, science-based,
    peer-reviewed education?" (Ohio dentist)

Favorite dental CE resources

  • "By far the best value in clinical CE is LVI." (Texas dentist)
  • "I get continuing dental education from Dental Schools and Dental Association or Society seminars." (California dentist)
  • "Probably the best offerings are provided at ADA Annual Session." (Ohio dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 44 respondents.

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