Cost of Dental Implant and Crown from Dentists

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Fee for dental implant and crownThere’s lots of variation in dental fees, but the average total for a dental implant and associated crown reported by dentists in this survey was about $3,200 – that’s $1,800 for the
dental implant cost
, $1,400 for the crown – as well as another $600 for a custom abutment.

“I never seem to cover the lab fees well enough,” sighed one dentist.

"I charge the same fee for a ‘tooth crown‘ as for an implant crown," said one prosthodontist. "From a patient management perspective, charging a separate fee for an abutment is much more agreeable to the patient than charging a higher fee for an implant crown."

No wonder dental tourism is so attractive

  • "I’m working in India, and hence even these charges are high for round here!” (India oral surgeon charging $500 for the implant and $500 for the crown)

Cost of dental implants

  • “Why is there a company in my area that advertises $595 to place an implant? My cost for the
    implant fixture alone is $300!” (New York dentist)
  • “Implant fees are the biggest objection point to my patients. I personally do not place implants but the specialist that do for me are charging $2000 for each implant.” (Pennsylvania dentist charging $900 for the crown)
  • "Implant fees are too high.” (Louisiana dentist)

Working with specialists

  • “I do not place the implant. The surgeon I refer to charges $2100, and I charge $2400 for the crown.” (New York dentist)
  • “My $2300 implant fee does not include abutment. I don't do the crown.” (Texas periodontist)

Fees for dental implant and crown

  • “Almost all restorations are placed on custom abutments with an additional fee of $1000 so total is always $3500 plus stents for CT scan and surgical guides. Surgeons in my area charge 2500 per implant plus extraction and grafting." (New York prosthodontist)
  • “The fee is greater for an anterior abutment and implant crown as the lab fees are often greater for an anterior. My posterior abutment and implant crown fee is $1550.” (Arkansas dentist)

Lab fees can run high

  • “Fees may vary with the cost of materials.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “I never seem to cover the lab fees well enough.” (Georgia dentist)

Mini dental implants

  • “I place mini implants: one implant for each tooth bicuspid to bicuspid, two implants for a molar.” (Colorado dentist)

Patients feel better when you charge the abutment separately

  • "I charge the same fee for a ‘tooth’ crown as for an implant crown. It is better from a patient management perspective, and allows for easier accounting. The patient is also much more understanding of the costs, if they are billed separately… From a patient management perspective, charging a separate fee for an abutment ($850), which is the same fee as for a cast/gold post/core, is much more agreeable to the patient than charging a higher fee for an implant crown. My fee for an implant crown and a conventional ‘tooth crown’ is the same ($2100). It makes for much easier accounting for the big cases, and also takes the cost differential out of proper treatment planning. I am a surgically trained Prosthodontist, so my fees are higher, but the same structure can benefit any dentist.” (New York prosthodontist)


Note: Survey sample included 172 respondents.

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