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Dental continuing education plans for 2010When we asked dentists about their continuing dental education plans for 2010, over half said they were planning to do more clinical CE this year, for an average of just over 50 hours. Fewer dentists plan to increase
dental marketing
and management education.

  • Clinical CE – average total of 54 hours per year.
    59% plan to do more than last year, 38% plan to do less, and 3% plan the same.
  • Management CE – average total of 14 hours per year.
    26% plan to do more than last year, 6% plan to do less, and 68% plan the same.
  • Marketing CE – average total of 13 hours per year.
    34% plan to do more than last year, 14% plan to do less, and 52% plan
    the same.

"No more cosmetic CE," said one dentist. "It is getting redundant and boring."

Here are some comments from dentists about their dental continuing education plans for the coming year and if they include dental management and marketing education.

Dental continuing education is a wise investment

  • "I always do more than I plan and I have never been sorry about CE." (Illinois dentist)
  • "I plan to increasing my CE so I can offer more services to my patients and learn more on how to offer/market those services to existing and potential new patients." (Texas dentist)

Dental CE desires

  • "More information about new pharmaceuticals and technology." (Texas dental practice manager)
  • "No more cosmetic dentistry CE! It is getting redundant and boring." (California dentist)

Dental marketing and management education is key

  • "With the economy in the dumpster and the recession clearly STILL in progress, there is no time better than the present to increase our marketing and management education at my office. Doing so has kept us afloat (2009 was down 15% from 2008 but clearly not a catastrophe). My staff and I will all be attending the courses and we are striving to be up at least 15% next year, even if the economy gets worse! We are bound and determined." (Ohio prosthodontist)
  • "There will be some overlap between the managing and the marketing education. I need a more inviting dental website presence on the web." (Oklahoma dentist)
  • "Marketing CE includes two-hour monthly training with The Wealthy Dentist University marketing materials and TWDU marketing meeting in October." (Texas dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 35 respondents.

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