Dental Implant Dentists: GPs Do Dental Implants

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Dental implant dentistsDental implant dentists aren’t necessarily specialists… This survey found that general dentists offer a range of dental implant services.

Virtually every general dentist will restore dental implants, and over half will place the implants themselves in straightforward cases.

“Implants need to be the dentist's deal," said one. "Do not rely on the oral surgeon or periodontist for anything but placement… Implants have be a 15-year journey with tremendous rewards and satisfaction."

  • 99% of general dentists do implant crowns & restoration
  • 55% place implants (simple cases)
  • 30% place implants (all cases)
  • 33% offer immediate load dental implants
  • 45% place mini dental implants/denture implants
  •  61% offer restoration/denture for mini dental implants/denture implants

Specialists should handle dental implant surgery

  • “I feel placement of dental implants is best left to board certified oral surgeons because I have seen a very high failure rate with the implants placed by dentists.” (Alabama dentist)
  • "I am a credentialed dental implantologist. For those who wish to REALLY excel in this field, I suggest that they visit, the website for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.” (California dental implantologist)

General dentists can handle tooth implants

  • “They were invented by GPs like us. More dentists should be placing them. Specialists should not be arrogantly taking control.” (Massachusetts dentist)
  • “”Implants need to be the dentist's deal….. What do I mean by that? Driven by the general or restorative dentist. Do not rely on the oral surgeon or periodontist for anything but placement. But you have to be educated. Everyone should be thinking TOP DOWN……restorative driven. Implants have be a 15-year journey with tremendous rewards and satisfaction. The drill-and-fill days are going away and great days ahead. Dentistry…..arts and crafts all day long. It was a great way to spend summers and the most wonderful career anyone could have.” (Connecticut dentist)

What about mini implants?

  • "Mini implants are good for temporary loading and fine for helping patients through a transitional healing phase, but they do not have long-term clinical evidence to support widespread use under dentures as a definitive restoration. The failure rate of mini implants with this approach is much greater than with traditional root form implants.” (California prosthodontist)
  • “I've never done minis, but do a lot with locaters with full size dental implants.” (California dentist)
  • “I will start marketing mini dental implants this year.” (General dentist)

It’s all about tooth implant

  • “”One needs proper training from A to Z. This cannot be learned in a weekend course or two. You have to be serious.” (Virginia dentist)
  • “Implants should be prosthetics-driven, and dentists should all learn to place them.” (New York dentist)/li>

General dentists expand to implants

  • “Only started placing implants over one year ago and gaining experience. Working towards immediate load and more complex cases. Want to learn more about mini implant systems and offer it in the practice. However I wonder if that will take away from more traditional implant cases. I currently do not offer the mini implant option, and patients who are presented with traditional implant options accept the treatment.” (Texas dentist)
  • “I want to expand my dental implant practice.” (Tennessee dentist)

The cost of dental implants is too high for some patients

  • “Significant slowdown of dental implants in this economy.” (Minnesota dentist)

Standard of care

  • “I would like to know what sense of standard of care there is in placing implants and using cone beam imaging vs. 2-D digital and film.” (Texas dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 80 respondents.

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