Targeted Dental Marketing: Sleep Apnea & TMJ

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Best teeth whitening methodsWhen it comes to dental marketing, dentists are faced with many choices. What particular dental treatments do you want to push to your patients?

In this survey, sleep apnea and TMJ disorder were each used by half of dentists include in their marketing. Next up: Headache/migraine relief and sedation dentistry/anxiety-free dentistry, each used by two in five dentists.

(Note: survey did not cover more common patient types, such as cosmetic dentistry, braces, pediatric dentistry, etc.)

Here’s what the new cosmetic dentistry looks like: 5% of dentists offer cosmetic Botox, 11% offer therapeutic Botox treatment, and 14% offer Restylane or other dermal fillers.

Dentists also mentioned snoring and tooth whitening as areas of marketing.

Be careful with Botox

  • “I do this very carefully because of the turf battles for Botox and Fillers. I market quietly and professionally in all areas by using education in the ‘ads.’  I suppose it could be considered ‘infomercial’ in a very ethical and professional manner.  Patients (especially DD pts) have a sense of entitlement, but in a heartbeat will pay cash for Botox, hair color, nails.  I do provide Botox to help with TMD issues, as well as cosmetic, which is a recent service we provide.  Botox and fillers are  helping me support my practice while I am at this point in time still a Delta Dental provider and is not profitable and the donated services I provide as well.  MN still has a provider tax that is on gross receipts and donated dental services; again, the Botox and fillers helps subsidize the practice to practice.  I love providing this service too.  No stress, reversible, pts love it and ask for it and pay in full the day of service.  MDs are using these services ‘Cross subsidizing’ as well.  This is all something to ponder on.” (Minnesota dentist)

Do it and do it well

  • “If you get a reputation for doing something well, if people want that, and you market that, they will come. In some areas, cosmetic changes still are good targets for marketing, in other areas, pain may be a higher motivational force to bring in patients. Just make sure you really are exceptional in the field you are promoting.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “We have done considerable additional training to be able to competently provide these services and find them of great value to our guests.” (Florida dentist)

Do you want to be a TMJ dentist?

  • “I treat TMD and migraine among my own patients to a point, but do not want lots of it as it takes too much time.  I refer to a specialist who does that alone.” (Texas dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 37 respondents. Posted 6/1/2010

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