Dentists Wary of Nanosilver Toothpaste

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Only 6% of dentists would recommend nanosilver toothpasteWhen we asked dentists if they would recommend nanosilver toothpaste, fully two out of three said they don’t know enough about it to make an informed recommendation.

Dentists with an opinion were overwhelmingly opposed. In fact, only 6% of dentists said they would recommend nanosilver toothpaste to a patient.

The Wealthy Dentist has discussed nanosilver in a number of articles:

Here’s how dentists responded in this survey:

  • 26% would recommend against it.
  • 6% would recommend it.
  • 69% don’t know enough about it to make a recommendation.

And here are a few comments from dentists.

Let’s not do more harm than good

  • "There is not enough scientific evidence that it is more efficacious than other more proven products, and there’s some disturbing evidence that it might do harm." (Texas dentist)
  • "There is too much nanosilver being used. It will become a hazard for the environment if it is being used in everything." (General dentist)

It’s news to many

  • "I’ve never even heard about nanosilver toothpaste." (California dentist)

It might be effective

  • "Silver kills bugs." (General dentist)

Blog comment: Be cautious

  • "Thank you for a most informative commentary on nanotechnology. As my professional duty to every individual I serve, I could not recommend nanoproducts without evidence-based guidelines for them. Even if early adopting, when only suggestions of benefit exist, guidelines can still be formulated by scientists trained in risk and benefit evaluation of products. As a clinician, expert in applying science, I am bound to honor such guidelines to remain in the realm of science. My first duty to the person who is my patient is to do no harm. I never jump on new technology, but wait 5 years and then cautiously recommend products after independent studies supporting safety and significant benefit outnumber those that don’t."

Blog comment: Patient fads are unpredictable

  • "After 27 years of general dentistry 5 days a week, I can never predict what my patients will pick up on and for what reasons. (I’ve had a patient pay to have her hair analyzed to find out “how much of each metal is in her body” and then asked me to remove all of the metal posts and pins under her crowns!) Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the claims were true? This is the first that I have ever heard of this category of product. There will be many patients willing and ready to try it for any number of reasons: it is new; it is not made in the USA; it is not mainstream; it has no big, American backers (yet); it has the word silver in it; they saw it on YouTube; etc. Many of my patients say that they do NOT care what the science says, they read it on the internet and now they want to try it. I do not argue with that kind of logic (anymore). "

Blog comments: Mysterious and dangerous

  • "Nano-tech is an unregulated industry, a Pandora’s Box, that when opened, can never be closed." 
  • "After reading manufacturers claims for their products I’m reminded of the old rule that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Where’s the science?"

Note: Survey sample included 36 respondents. Posted 6/29/2010

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