One Dentist in 4 Doesn’t Have a Dentist Website

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3 of 4 dentists have their own dental websiteOne dentist in four does not have their own dental practice website, this survey found. Moreover, 13% say they have no presence on the web whatsoever.

On the other hand, one in four dentists owns multiple dental domain names.

  • 54% have a dental website with their own domain name.
  • 23% have multiple dental websites and domain names.
  • 10% don't have their own URL, but are listed online.
  • 13% don't have a website or online listing.

We also asked, “How satisfied are you with your dental website marketing?”

  • 87% are satisfied.
  • 13% are not satisfied.

A marketing must

  • “Any dental practice today must have a website. It is one of our primary sources for new patients. In addition, it is helpful to be associated with social media as a further tool for networking and driving patients to your website. Adding and updating content is also necessary. If you can’t do it yourself, find someone who can!” (Florida dentist)

Your URL is more important than your phone number

  • “Can’t think of anything bad about web marketing. My new building will have my website in lighted letters, but not my phone number. Thinking about dropping about dropping all Yellow Pages advertising. I feel it is passé compared to websites.” (Georgia dentist)

Website gets 5-10 new patients a month

  • Dental website marketing has been very successful for my practice. I completely designed my own website and update it regularly. It has generated an average of 5-10 new high quality patients per month. The ROI is phenomenal. This summer I will be having a professional dental website company redesign our website and am hoping for even more new patients from the website.” (Ohio prosthodontist)

Make your site your own

  • "A dental website without SEO and a good offer (like a free report) to capture the
    clients name is not much benefit.” (Missouri dentist)
  • “I definitely prefer a custom site over a site developed with a template.” (Texas pediatric dentist)

Some dentists are just getting in on the game

  • “I’m looking at providers now because it seems more people are using the web as a means to get the things they want and need, including dentistry. Feel I need to give it a try.” (California dentist)

Keep your website up-to-date

  • “You must update and change it to keep it current.” (California dentist)
  • “I am having it updated and will begin keeping stats.” (Texas dentist)

It's a mixed bag

  • “I honestly don’t think they are as utilized and helpful as they are cracked up to be. The HUGE majority of new patients are still referred by satisfied existing patients.” (Illinois dentist)
  • “The ROI is not quite there, but I believe one must have a presence on the web. I am not satisfied with SEO.” (Kentucky dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 48 respondents. Posted 7/13/2010

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