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Dentist Botox treatment: yes or no?Two out of three dentists don’t have a problem with a dentist offering cosmetic Botox, Restylane or other dermal fillers, this survey found.

“Who on the face of this planet gives more injections and has more training in head and neck anatomy than dentists?" asked one dentist. "No one!"

In this survey of 144 dentists…

  • 62% see no problem with dentists offering Botox and dermal fillers
  • 7% think dentists should only offer Botox for therapeutic reasons.
  • 31% think this is not an appropriate role for dentists.

Here are some further comments on Botox, Restlyane and dermal fillers from dentists:

Dentists can safely administer Botox

  • “Any sort of treatment, cosmetic or otherwise, that entails the head and neck region could be within the capability of a trained dentist. No one should dictate treatment to dentist as to what they can and cannot do when it come to the area of the body that they got o school to treat. If the dentist is qualified and trained to inject under the lip, under the cheek, under the nose, they are qualified to inject outside same areas. This is all red tape to protect MD's and nurses.” (California dentist)
  • “Dentists, with the extensive head and neck training they have as well as the ability to administer injections in an unusually safe and comfortable manner should probably have been the first to administer Botox and fillers. Factor in the reality that most dentists are fairly artistic and without question perfectionists, they absolutely should be administering Botox and fillers. As with any specialty procedure that a general dentist opts to provide, they should have the appropriate training and work within their comfort and ability zone. Finally, the addition of Botox and fillers is fun and somewhat challenging and therefore adds some fun to the often mundane!” (Minnesota dentist)

Get dental Botox training

  • “Fantastic idea! The AGD just passed a resolution supporting general dentists in education and performing these procedures.” (General dentist)
  • “I think it is acceptable if the dentist has proper training.” (General dentist)
  • “I believe with more training, dentists would be even more adept esp. with the lips, for Botox and fillers. After all, the mouth is their domain.”(California dentist)
  • “Just get the training.” (West Virginia dentist)

Dentists who love dental Botox

  • “I have been performing these services for the last three years. There is no provider better than a dentist at giving injections; we do so all day, every day. As a ‘cosmetic’ dentist, I have a unique perspective on not only dental but facial enhancement. It is a perfect fit!” (Florida dentist)
  • “I am doing Botox now for my family, staff and a few select patients. I do dermal fillers for my wife. I practice in the state of Texas and I can't get our dental board to ‘allow’ us to do these procedures. Insurance companies will cover me but for only what our dental board will allow.” (Texas dentist)
  • “I have had it done to my face and would love to be able to provide this service to our patients.” (General dentist)

Patients like the cosmetic help

  • “I think most dentists have a better understanding of the facial nerves than most MD's. Patients come for cosmetic dentistry and Botox and fillers can help to get a better result.” (California periodontist)
  • “Ideal for dentist that desire to provide this service. Veneers can restore facial tonicity. Why not complete the job with Botox?”(Massachusetts

Who is better qualified than a dentist?

  • “Who else is better qualified to give ‘shots’ in the head and neck area?” (Florida dentist)
  • “Who on the face of this planet gives more injections and has more training in head and neck anatomy than dentists? No one!” (Washington dentist)
  • “I think it would be great. We handle multiple injections daily.” (California dentist)
  • "We get more head and neck anatomy as a GP then MDs get until they specialize!" (California dentist)

Less qualified practitioners are injecting Botox

  • “This should be part of our treatment, therapeutic as well as cosmetic, should a trained DDS choose to do so. Right now there are medical technicians, podiatrists, OB/GYN's, plus more injectors that have much less experience and education than a DDS has in the head and neck area. I would venture to guess that DDS's would be less aggressive and much more gentle and less painful because of the confidence with anesthetic use.” (General dentist)
  • “I see absolutely no problem with dentists offering these services with proper training. Why should it be considered out of our scope of practice when nurses are allowed to perform these procedures?” (Minnesota dentist)

Botox is only appropriate as TMJ therapy

  • “For TMJ treatment if indicated.” (Prosthodontist)
  • “I don't think the use of Botox by a dentist should go beyond benefits directly related to dental/oral areas.” (Texas dentist)

Legitimate dental cosmetic uses

  • “Botox as an additional treatment to correct gummy smiles. Restylane to fill the fissures and wrinkles of the lips to perfect a cosmetic anterior dental prosthetic reconstruction” (Kuwait cosmetic dentist)

Disdain for the whole business

  • “I am wondering if there will be any backlash in a few years when Botox is disdained and associated therapists are linked with pathetic
    narcissists." (General dentist)
  • “I am in the health professional field for 38 years. I had been trained as Stomatologist at the Medical Institute (1967-1972), and I technologically upgraded myself as the Dentist (1984-1988). I am definitely more prepared for general medical procedures then highly trained and 2-day course ‘educated’ Dentist. My son is OMFS. Both of us are not rushing into that quick ‘money maker,’ because we are the Doctors with deep appreciation of Medical Ethics, sufficient specialized training and not willing to deal with twist-minded clients looking for quick cheap fix, especially in the extremely perverted litigation society.” (Illinois dentist)

Malpractice insurance won’t cover it

  • “I don't believe your malpractice dental coverage will cover you for injecting Botox or dermal fillers. I checked with mine and they specifically denied coverage!” (California dentist)

Leave it to others

  • “In Texas, basically only an Oral Surgeon can do it—so let them take the risk and use this as a referral.” (Texas pediatric dentist)
  • “Only OMSs that have had cosmetic training should be offering these services.” (Oral surgeon)

Think about what’s appropriate

  • “Why not go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for veneers or high tech mouthguards??” (Florida oral surgeon)
  • “Let’s have our physician friends extract teeth and place dental implants. This is a ‘busyness’ issue.” (Periodontist)
  • “Look, the dental schools barely have an admission process. It is well known that anybody with a heartbeat can and does get admitted into dental school. These morons can barely manage to handle basic dental procedures, so they want to play with Botox? I don't think so. I don't want to make our profession into a bigger laughingstock than the dental education community has done already.” (Arizona dentist)


Note: Survey sample included 144 respondents. Posted 7/27/2010

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