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Dental marketing & management - responsibilities and enjoymentAlmost half of dentists (41%) say they hate their dental marketing and management responsibilities. On the other hand, just as many say they sometimes enjoy them.

“It is a necessary part of today’s practice growth," said one dentist. "Without marketing and management, a practice will lose ground to its competition."

  • 43% sometimes enjoy dental management and marketing.
  • 16% say it’s not the best, not the worst.
  • 41% absolutely hate it.

We asked dentists, "What are your thoughts on dental marketing and management? What do you like most?"

Dental management is unpleasant work

  • “I hate the management, but like the marketing.” (Maine dentist)
  • “I believe that if you build it they will come. Management comes with the territory.” (Texas dentist)

Having fun

  • "I like patient education and motivation.” (Endodontist)
  • “I like the dental surveys and hearing what other dentists are thinking.” (New York dentist)
  • “I like the creative process, different ideas and perspective and people we meet! The enthusiasm and energy it creates is wonderful! Each month holds a new group of ideas because of the change of seasons – it’s fun!” (Maryland dentist)

Don’t overlook your team

  • “I enjoy bringing out the best in the team and coming up with a marketing plan that works!” (California dental professional)
  • “Getting the staff involved, so that they have a clearer understanding of what is happening in the practice, is important for the office ‘mission’, office goals – both financial and individual for each team member, and listening to their input for ways to improve the practice has proven to be rewarding on many levels.” (Illinois dentist)

Real love for marketing

  • “I love the marketing; it is fun and profitable. Dental websites are essential, and I have many, including yours. Plus,  www.ihatecpap.com and www.ihateheadaches.org were created for my office but get enormous national play. Utilization of press releases can not only increasedental website traffic but the time spent on your site. It is amazing how much marketing has changed in just few years! The Internet has almost replaced phone books, and most print is much less effective. Radio has held up well, but cable or TV ads are lost in the mass of channels. It is a fun challenge to keep up! It’s all about management you can keep.” (Illinois sleep apnea & TMJ dentist)

Hooray for internal dental marketing

  • “Internal marketing, where my patients tell their friends about the appointment they had at our office, is what I prefer most. It has taken years to build, but now very little has to be done as far as outside marketing. We’re dropping our ad in the phone books next year and adding to the internet.” (Wisconsin dentist)

It takes work

  • “It’s much more fun when the marketing efforts are successful and working smoothly all the time. There can be a lot of stressful trial and ‘error’ to find the right marketing mix that provides excellent ROI.” (Ohio prosthodontist)

Marketing – ugh

  • “I don’t like that we have to advertise, but the general public has been so brainwashed to accept marketing that we are almost forced to do some form of marketing in order to stay competitive.” (Florida dentist)
  • “Marketing can be a lot of work; I would like to simplify these things as much as possible. Dental Management is also a constant challenge and ongoing learning experience” (California orthodontist)

If only one could outsource dental practice management

  • “I wish I could have someone buy my practice and do the management! I have been told often that I am an excellent manager, but it is not my favorite part of practice ownership. I never seem to get a total break.” (Alabama dentist)

Staying in business

  • “It is a necessary part of today’s practice growth. Without marketing and management, a practice will lose ground to its competition.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “My thoughts are sales, how to increase my sales.” (Surabaya, Indonesia dental office worker)


Note: Survey sample included 51 respondents. Posted 8/18/2010

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