BPA in Dental Materials

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BPA in dental materialsIn this survey, we learned that one dentist in eight has changed dental materials or products due to concerns about BPA.

  • 12% have actually switched products to avoid BPA.
  • 16% looked into it, but are satisfied the products they are using are safe.
  • 34% haven’t been able to find good information about BPA content.
  • 38% have not re-examined things due to talk of BPA.

"Patients should be told restorative treatment and material options, risks, benefits, average longevity, etc. (of composite, amalgam, castings, etc.). Then, as a well-respected lecturer sarcastically says, they can ‘pick their poison,’" said a Maryland dentist. "I wonder if, a few decades from now, we will still see the short longevity composites to be as safe as amalgam is and was for 160 years. Smile-On."


Note: Survey sample included 32 respondents. Posted 9/7/2010

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