Fluoride in Water: Controversy Among Dentists

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Fluoride in public water(November 16, 2010) Dentists are in favor of putting fluoride in water – but they’re not united.

Three out of four dentists (73%) are in favor of water fluoridation, while 27% oppose adding fluoride to the water supply, found this survey.

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Fluoride prevents cavities – period

  • “The greatest single caries prevention method for all age groups.” (Tennessee dentist)
  • “Community water fluoride has helped prevent cavities for the last 60 years. It doesn't require action on the part of the person and it can affect a positive outcome on all economic groups. It is based on nature so its not artificial fluoride. It is important that it be controlled because it takes such a small amount to make a better tooth.” (Public health dentist)

The fluoride is now everywhere, including in our vegetables

  • “Tests show the current water supply & vegetables are saturated with the fluoride we already added…” (Texas dentist)
  • “We end up with too much fluoride if the water is fluoridated because our food gets fertilized in it, washed in it, cooked in it. So the same vegetable or lettuce has 5 times as much as just drinking a glass of water. Fluoride also builds up in the body and is not eliminated and there are studies showing more osteofluorosis of the bones in fluoridated towns. Topical treatment is fine. Let people choose, it shouldn’t be mandated by government.” (Florida dentist)

Fluoride is proven to improve dental health

  • “I practice in the city that was the control in the original study of water fluoridation. After five years, fluoride was added to the water because of the benefits that were seen. Individuals in the surrounding rural areas do not have fluoride except on a prescription basis. There is a huge difference in the decay rate of the two groups.” (Michigan dentist)
  • “Research and history dictates the benefit of this public health activity. Unfortunately, the ‘non-believers’ use other criteria in their nonsupport……” (General dentist)

Say no to mass medication

  • “Why put a drug in our water supply when not everyone needs it. What is next? Cholesterol medication, antidepressants, vitamins, etc. The argument could be made for any one of these to be added to the water supply. I want clean pure water to drink and for my family to drink just like nature intended.” (Louisiana dentist)
  • “Water sanitation has contributed more to the public good than all forms of medications and has been used as an argument favoring water fluoridation. However, treating disease processes such as tooth decay via the public water supply is the first step in justifying mass medicating entire populations for other political agenda.” (California dental implants dentist)

It’s not time to discard fluoridation yet

  • “I think people are beginning to get too much from all the food and drinks that are made with fluoridated water, but stopping it entirely does not make sense either. It seemed a straightforward problem at one time, but now is more complicated.” (Texas dentist)

We don't want industrial waste in our water

  • “The government has lied to us. They would have us all believe that the ‘fluoride’ that they put in the water is the same as the pure pharmaceutical grade fluoride that is in toothpaste. It’s not. The ‘fluoride’ in the water is contaminated with heavy metals and all kinds of other things.” (Arizona dentist)
  • “The research is there..dumping industrial waste into the water supply under the guise of improving oral health is criminal. We know what causes tooth decay…it is not lack of fluoride.” (Pennsylvania dentist)

Don’t confuse fluoridated water with swallowing toothpaste

  • “Water fluoridation remains one of the single most cost-effective public health measures taken to reduce a disease, that being dental caries. The increase in dental fluorosis seems to have more to do with the increasingly early use of fluoride toothpaste in children that are not supervised while brushing and are too young to avoid swallowing the toothpaste while brushing.” (South Carolina dental hygienist)

Reasons to say no to fluoride

  • “A little fluoride is good. A lot is toxic. There is enough in the water table in the foods that we eat. Supplements are unnecessary.” (General dentist)
  • “Fluoride works topically. Why medicate everyone? It poses a threat to some members of society- infants on formula, kidney dialysis patients, boys aged 5-7, etc. Are the CDC and the ADA planning to deliver non-fluoridated water to poor households for the infants formula? See JADA Oct 2010. Also, everyone should read the Bassin paper on osteosarcoma in boys exposed to community water fluoridation.” (California dentist)
  • “I am an early retired Dental Hygienist because I took a stand against water fluoridation! My horse died of chronic fluoride poisoning proven by a study at Cornell University and our area was fluoridated 20 years and I saw all the many ill affects in adults and children including myself with hypothyroidism. Despite whether someone believes it is good or bad water fluoridation is not using sound pharmaceutical principles and takes our freedom of choice away because it is so expensive to fitler out for ourselves and our animals.” (Colorado dental hygienist)
  • “It is the only drug added to water in an effort to ‘enhance’ and not ‘treat’ the water. Strongly opposed!” (General dentist)
  • “There are much better, more dose controlled ways to receive fluoride for those who may want it.” (Canada dentist)

Non-dentists against fluoridated water

  • “Any slight benefits (and these only come from topical application, not ingestion as the CDC has admitted) are far outweighed by its ability to do health harm. Fluoride is a lifelong-accumulative systemic poison whatever way you try to slice it.” (Texas journalist)
  • “Fluoride is a deadly neurotoxin! We have been duped! It is neither safe, nor effective. The only benefit to Fluoride, if any, is topical. Do not force us to swallow it. That makes as much sense as swallowing sunscreen to prevent a burn.” (Not a dentist)
  • “It’s contrary to fundamental medical principles — the Hippocratic oath, patient’s right to refuse medication, and modern medical practices in general.” (Not a dentist)
  • “Let those who want it get it in other ways….topically. We already get too much from food and beverages.” (Utah Mother)
  • “Please consider the fact that infants may consume too much fluoride and parents will not take them to the dentist till age 3 or 4, finding then that they have fluorosis and its too late to prevent the damage.” (Not a dentist)
  • “Terrible for what it does for iodine receptors and overall health.” (Wisconsin Chiropractor)
  • “We deserve choice regarding what we put into our bodies. Besides, fluoridation compounds are toxic industrial by-products!!” (Not a dentist)
  • "Yes. DO NOT SWALLOW IT! Just as the required warning by law states on all toothpaste packages that contain fluoride. Ever hear of anyone medically diagnosed as suffering from a fluoride deficiency!??" (Not a dentist)
  • “There is currently an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that fluoride is not safe and causing an array of serious health problems. I am a Naturopathic Physician and always recommend against it.” (Texas)

In fact, non-dentists have a lot to say against fluoride

  • “Fluoridation was a mistake from the beginning, from every standpoint: medical, dental, environmental and economic. The problem is, not a deficiency, but an excess of fluoride from the water tap for drinking and cooking, contained in the foods and beverages processed with the fluoridated water, in pharmaceuticals, dental materials, medications, pesticides, and more. Studies show fluoride implicated in adverse effects, both acute and chronic, dental and systemic. The risks far exceed any possible benefit. It is far past time to call a halt to this hazardous procedure called fluoridation.” (Not a dentist)
  • “The harmfulness and foolishness of medicating through the public water supply was obvious from the start. The violation of free choice was also
    abhorrent from the start. Nothing has changed except millions have been harmed by it for decades. Proponents have painted themselves into a corner and don’t know how to change policy without losing face. Children get more than enough fluoride from toothpaste which only works topically anyway. Man up, dentists, and face the truth. Fluoridation is a blunder that has to stop.” (Mother, grandmother and fluoridation opponent)
  • “Water systems in the US are medicating the public. The fluoride used is by product of fertilizer companies. There are many products from mouth wash, fluoride toothpaste and fluoride medications that people can use if they wish fluoride. Fluoride in the drinking water cannot be measured, some people get too much, plus fluoride in is many canned products and drinks."
  • “With time, after water fluoridation is implemented anywhere, ‘wealthy dentists’ become wealthier as a result of expensive cosmetic dentistry to repair the damage to teeth caused as a result of the fluoride. At least 30% of the children in the US have been impacted by fluoride (dental fluorosis)
    even if they live in non-fluoridated areas. Follow the money trail (include Colgate in this) and discover why fluoridation is pushed so heavily by misinformed dentists. Click here www.fluoridealert.org/limeback.htm and read why the professor head of the department of preventive dentistry left an open letter online that is titled something like ‘Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to public drinking water supplies’. This man, with great integrity, apologized to his dental students for misinforming them about fluoridation, saying he taught them what he had been taught. There are still people of integrity in the world. It is time all dentists joined their ilk, Googled ‘fluoride’ and research the subject for themselves; such as did Dr Andrew Harms, a practicing dentist in South Australia and a former president of the SA ADA who used to help propagate fluoridation in rural areas in SA. He is now fighting the practice!” (Researcher)
  • “How can anyone, let alone a medical professional who should know the science behind this toxin, recommend it to be taken internally? Have you not looked at just a few of the over 60,000 world wide independent research scientific studies showing the devastating ills fluoride causes to the rest of the body systems? Did you not read the 2006 memo from the ADA to advise your patients not to reconstitute baby formula with fluoridated water? Go to www.flluorideresearch.org and read just a few peer reviewed manuscripts. Go to www.slweb.org and go through their bibliography. Go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=a14crJyR-qc&feature and see Dr. Paul Connett, PhD Chemistry tell just a little of the proven science behind this toxin. Go to www.myspace.com/poisonedhorses and see what the consumption of fluoride does to the body and not just to horses. See the proven science about fluoride consumption caused ills by Dr. Lennart Krook PhD DVM Emeritus, Cornell University. NY. He was well known as the world’s authority on fluoride poisoning in animals. He said my horses were like the canaries in the mines, what showed up in them in a relatively short span of years, because they drink so much water, is manifesting in humans too. But I know the old saying ‘It is hard to make a person believe something when their income depends on them not believing it’ fits in this case.” (Fluoride researcher)
  • “I have 4 fundamental concerns regarding artificial water fluoridation. 1. Even a child knows that you cannot control any individual’s daily intake of fluoridated water or food and beverages made with fluoridated water. The daily intake of fluoride is influenced by: a) Body Size: babies ingest 3-4 times more fluoride per body weight than adults’ b) Health of Kidneys: young children and those with kidney disease are unable to adequately filter toxins; c) Nutritional Status: good nutrition protects us from toxins; d) Total fluoride from all sources (drinking water and beverages reconstituted with drinking water, foods using fluoridated pesticides and post-harvest fumigants, air, dental products, drugs, etc.) If you cannot control how much fluoride you consume, overdosing is inevitable. Overdosing of fluoride is irrefutably known to cause health harm. 2. Fluoride is an unregulated drug. It is not the duty of those being medicated to prove safety or efficacy. It is the duty of government to require manufacturers of these unregulated drugs to submit evidence of safety and efficacy. This has never been done. 3. Using drinking water to deliver an unregulated drug deprives citizens of informed choice. Informed choice requires a) information regarding risks and benefits; b) the choice to refuse or accept a drug; c) a trained professional to assess medical need and adverse effects. 4. More than 100 factors influence cavities. Making a cause and effect relationship with only one factor (fluoride) is scientifically invalid."


Note: Survey sample included 85 dentist respondents.  Posted 11/16/2010

Only dentists’ votes were used to compile the quantitative results, but comments from non-dentists have been included in the discussion section.

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