Dental Marketing Ideas – 049

News From The Wealthy Dentist #49 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

The Nightmare Patient

I remember one frightfully rude client who insisted, “The client is always right!” I disagreed. “The right client is always right. The wrong client is always wrong. You are the wrong client.” Be nice to the nice customers, and fire the bad ones! If a patient disrespects a team member, show everyone your priorities by letting the patient go. Story continues…

Survey Results: Dental Continuing Education

Average Dentist Logs Seventy-Five Hours a Year of CE

In our most recent survey, we asked dentists how many hours of formal dental continuing education they log in an average year. The mean response was 75 hours per year, more than enough to meet state requirements. Interestingly, general dentists reported more CE hours than did specialists.
Story continues…

Special Features

Safety at the Dental Office Just Got a Lot More Complicated

Dentists in the UK and across the globe were shaken recently when Britain’s Minister of Health announced its official recommendation that root-canal tools not be reused for fear of “mad cow disease.” Endodontic work could leave patients vulnerable to infection. Contaminated tools can never be cleaned, as the disease is resistant to
heat and disinfectants. In response to the new recommendations, at least one dental supplier has lowered the prices of its single-use endodontic tools. Story continues…

Sesame Street Classics: Girl and Her Pet Llama Visit the Dentist

Sesame Street: Me and My LlamaSesame Street is a big part of growing up for many American kids. In this classic clip, circa 1980, a girl takes her llama for a typical dental cleaning (in Manhattan, no less!). The three-minute clip is accompanied by a devilishly catchy song about how “Me and my llama – jumped out of our pajamas –
and ran off to the dentist today!” Watch the video…


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