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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Summer’s Here, and It’s Festival Time for Your Dental Marketing!

Festival MarketingJust about every community has a summer festival. Dr. Jim Sparaga and his wife Kathy of Machias, Maine, took advantage of their town’s blueberry festival to market their dental practice. Their smile-themed float won first place. If you’ve done festival marketing, feel free to email me your
photos and ideas at
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Survey Results: Dental Lasers

Dentists Split Over Dental Lasers: Wealthy Dentist Survey Results

50% of dentists use lasers; 50% don't
In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they use dental lasers for treatment of periodontal disease. Respondents were split right down the middle, with 50% reporting they use lasers and 50% indicating they do not. Story continues…

Special Features

Are African Twig Toothbrushes the Next Big Thing?

Twig ToothbrushIt’s not uncommon for people in Africa to chew absentmindedly on a twig throughout the day. Several studies have found that bush toothbrushes are as or more effective than our manufactured plastic models, and some woods may contain antimicrobial compounds. A few upscale US stores have even begun selling these “chew sticks.”

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Marketing Advice from Melinda Spitek, CEO of Hycomb Marketing

Add to Your Profitability (without Adding Patients)

Melinda Spitek, Hycomb MarketingA lot of dentists I consult with aren’t aware of the gold mine that is high value current patients. My office is in California’s Wine Country, so I happen to know that less than 10% of the population purchases more than 80% of all wine sold. That’s a critical core consumer group. Does your marketing target your critical core patients? It should!
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