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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Does $25 Million for an Exploding Dental Office Sound About Right?

BOOM!!!New York City dentist Bruce Haber’s office recently exploded when an 83-year-old steam pipe ruptured. Since last week’s explosion, Dr. Haber (a self-described “celebrity dentist” specializing in “smile improvements”) has not been able to access his 25th-floor office. So he’s suing Consolidated Edison for $25 million.
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The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Anti-Amalgam Doctor

Does Dr. Larry Hanus Deserve to Be Reinstated?

Dental Survey Results
Dr. Larry Hanus lost his dental license years ago for his outspoken anti-amalgam views (read more). When asked if Iowa’s board should reinstate him, 57% of dentists in our most recent survey said no. The remaining 43% supported him, saying that dentists must be free to voice their health concerns.
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How Much Would You Spend on Used Dental Floss?

Paris Hilton uses dental floss!Paris Hilton’s used dental floss just sold for $1,000. It was bought by online casino Golden Palace, the company that spent $75,000  on William Shatner’s kidney stone. Smudged with
lipstick, the precious floss was retrieved from the trash outside her home by Hollywood Star Trash.
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Prankster Dentist Wins Case

A dentist’s practical joke recently landed him in front of the Washington state Supreme Court. While working on his unconscious assistant, he slipped fake boar tusks in her mouth and snapped a few photos. When his insurance wouldn’t cover the employee’s lawsuit, he sued them – and won!
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