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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Visit the Dentist: Avoid Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer!

dental consultant Jim Du Molin
Why do so many people seem to forget that dentists are doctors too? I talked about  dentists as healthcare gatekeepers in an editorial a few months ago. These days, there are some diseases that a dentist may diagnose more easily than a general physician. Modern advances are letting dentists test for more ailments than ever before. Story continues…

The Wealthy Dentist Survey Results: Cosmetic Dentistry

Has the Media Increased Patient Demand for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dental Survey
In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if media hype and makeover shows have led to more patients seeking cosmetic dental procedures. Just over half (56%) of our respondents said yes, the media has influenced their patients. The remaining 44%, on the other hand, didn’t feel that media exposure changed their patients’ desires for aesthetic dentistry. Said one dentist of his patients: “They are very interested – until they find out how much it costs!” Another commented, “I don’t necessarily use the products that are featured on the shows, but it opens the discussion to what I do offer.”
Story continues…

In the News…

Elvis Presley’s Crown Sold to Dentist Fan

Earlier this year, we told you about how the family of a Memphis-based
dentist put

Elvis Presley dental memorabilia
up for sale on eBay. The spare
crown and model of the King’s teeth belonged to his late dentist. In January,
the family turned down the top bid of $4300. Recently, both were purchased by a Wisconsin dentist for an undisclosed
amount. The dentist plans to leave the purchase to his son, a die-hard Elvis
Story continues…

Use Your Teeth to Control Your iPod?

Researchers in Japan are working on a revolutionary new way for people to
control their iPods and other consumer electronics, The user simply clenches his
or her teeth briefly, an action detected by the light sensors of the
computerized headgear. Although initially designed for commuters on crowded
trains seeking hands-free control of their iPods, future applications could
include cell phones, PowerPoint presentations, and even wheelchair operation.
Story continues…


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