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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Someone Is, Most Likely, Stealing from You at This Very Moment

dental consultant Jim Du MolinOver half of dentists report being victims of of dental embezzlement. Dental practices are at high risk, but many don’t have effective internal control systems. You can improve both your ROI and your peace of mind by taking preventive measures against fraud. Fighting embezzlement is part of your job, and I’ve got some tips to share.

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Survey Results: Dental Boards and Peer Review

Half of Dentists Report Trouble with Peer Review

Dental Survey
In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they have been disappointed by dental peer review. Respondents were split on the issue; 47% reported having problems, while the remaining 53% had no issues with dental boards. “I think it is a fair process to both the patient and the dentist,” commented one dentist. Another disagreed, saying, “The dentist is assumed guilty; it’s a witch hunt even if you are

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NHS Dentist Shortage: No End in Sight

British Couple Wants to Set Up Private Clinics

Entrepreneurs Fergus and Judith Wilson have a plan that will bring private  dental care to many UK residents. With a severe shortage of NHS dentists, the couple proposes bringing in foreign dentists (likely from eastern Europe). Their
goal is to set up seven clinics with emergency facilities, and they expect to charge less for dental care than other private practitioners.

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