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Editorial: Jim Du Molin



How to Avoid Embezzlement and Keep Your Dental Practice Afloat

dental consultant Jim Du MolinPreviously, I told you how common  dental embezzlement is and what some of the  warning signs of
dental embezzlement
are. Embezzlement can be deadly to a dental practice and your retirement
plans. You can protect yourself by implementing an internal system of controls. The single largest problem is permitting one employee to handle all receivables and payables. But dividing financial responsibilities and functions is not enough.

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Survey Results: Dental Boards and Marketing

Good Marketing Shouldn’t Be a Bad Thing

Dental Survey
In our most recent survey, we asked dentists if they feel that state dental boards unfairly restrict
dental practice marketing. Two out of three dentists said no – dental boards are just protecting the
public’s best interest. But one out of three dentists was frustrated by the limitations dental boards
put on advertising and other dental marketing efforts.

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Fluoride Controversy Rages On

It’s Clearly the Best Thing Ever or the Worst Thing Ever

In a recent survey, we found that dentists are overwhelmingly in favor of  water fluoridation. However, that’s hardly the end of the story. There’s a small but vocal segment of the population that’s dead-set against fluoride in
our public water systems. The latest claim is that fluoride lowers IQ.

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