Dental Marketing Ideas – 075

News From The Wealthy Dentist #75

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Confrontation Is Not the Way to Deal with a Thieving Employee

dental consultant Jim Du Molin
What do you do if you think you are being embezzled by an employee?
It is important that you DO NOT IMEDIATELY CONFRONT THE SUSPECT with your concerns or evidence. Your main goal is not to be accused by the suspect of
defamation! Step back, take a deep breath, and call your accountant. Discuss your
concerns privately.
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Survey Results: Dental Marketing Campaigns

Dentists Share Their Most Effective Marketing Strategies

The Wealthy Dentist asked dentists about which dental marketing campaigns have been most successful for their dental practices. The clear winner was direct mail marketing. Dentists have also had good luck with Yellow Pages listings and TV ads. One dentist was thrilled with his new dental practice signage, saying, “60 new patient per month with the new sign!”

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Chew on This: Jewelry for Both Moms and Babies

“Chewable Jewels” Take the Pain out of Teething

Chewable Jewels
Dr. Helen Bloom Smith is a dentist and a mother. She’d noticed how babies tend to chew on women’s jewelry, and she was concerned about the dental impact of teething on glass and metal. So she has designed her own line of jewelry that doubles as teething toys. Her Chewable Jewels are made of
FDA-approved silicone.

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NYC Doorman Suspended for Having Bad Breath

Neglect Your Oral Health – Get Suspended from Your Job?

Bad Breath

Like so many other New York City apartment buildings, Gracie Garden Apartments has a doorman. But 60-year-old Jonah Seeman was recently suspended without pay on account of his bad breath. The realty company that manages the building claims that “severe breath odor” has been a recurring problem for Seeman, a fact
he denies.

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