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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Did You Know Thanksgiving Honors the Death of Socialism?

dental consultant Jim Du Molin
The story of Thanksgiving may not be quite what’s on your mind for the new year, but there are some lessons here that that can help you and your team run a better dental practice. The Pilgrims went hungry for a number of years. The governor of Plymouth blamed the laziness and corruption of the colonists. But when he replaced the socialist setup with a free market one, the once-starving colony started producing more food than it needed.

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The Cranky Collector: Chargebacks? I Dare You to Try

Don’t Let Greedy Patients Walk Away with Your Dental Practice’s Money

The Cranky CollectorChargebacks are the darling of patients who don’t want to pay for treatment. They can throw a wrench into closed Accounts Receivable. If you choose not to fight them, watch out!
Corporations such as Google now have entire departments dedicated to fighting chargebacks.
I’ll tell you the basic steps to winning chargebacks.

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Survey Results: Wrongful Discharge

One in Four Dentists Suffers from Ex-Employee Headaches

In this survey, we asked dentists if they have had “wrongful discharge” headaches from past employees. The majority (72%) have not had such trouble. However, 9% of dentists report being sued for wrongful discharge, and another 19% say they’ve been accused of it or threatened with legal action.

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American Dental Partners Lawsuit

Dentists Skip $130 Million Payout in Favor of Practice Ownership

A court recently awarded a group of Minnesota dentists a $130 million judgment against dental management group American Dental Partners. Rather than face years of costly appeals, both sides have reached an agreement whereby the dentists will be awarded ownership of 25 dental clinics, a deal valued at $115 million. Upon word of the deal, ADP’s stock jumped dramatically.

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