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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

When Dental Competitors Start Fighting Dirty

dental consultant Jim Du Molin
You already know that dentistry is a competitive industry. But there’s good competition and there’s bad competition. “Fighting Dirty” is when Dr. Dirty down the street convinces your patient that he can do a better job for half the price. There is no easy way to defend yourself from this type of competitor. These types of doctors need to attack their colleagues’ work to recruit patients.

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Survey Results: Candidates’ Smiles

Dentists Find Mitt Romney’s Pearly Whites the Best of the Bunch

In this survey, we asked dentists which presidential candidate has the best teeth.
And the winner was clear: Mitt Romney received just over 50% of the vote! (It’s worth noting that Romney also did well in our recent political survey of dentists.) “Romney’s look nice. I’m guessing they are laminates or crowns,” wrote one dentist. “Romney! He’s got the dough,” commented another.
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Oral Health and General Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Saliva Test May Reveal Presence of Breast Cancer

Researchers have discovered that women with breast cancer secrete different proteins in their saliva than healthy women. Moreover, in the small initial study, scientists were even able to distinguish between malignant and benign tumors based on these proteins. This research suggests that dentists of the future may regularly screen their patients for breast cancer.

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What’s on My Bookshelf This Week

Selling the Invisible
by Harry Beckwith

Selling the Invisible
A brilliant and fun little book on
marketing for service businesses.  Every principle is highlighted with
examples, and each section is short and pithy. Worth reading, re-reading, taking notes and working at
implementing these ideas into your dental practice. Want to read the book?


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