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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

How Office Romance Can Lead to Divorce, Embezzlement, and Even Assault Charges

dental consultant Jim Du MolinIt’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air at dental practices across the country. My recent office romance survey revealed that one in five dentists admits to having a workplace affair. I’ve heard my share of horror stories over the years… and now it’s my turn to share a few with you!
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Survey Press Release: Romance Among Dental Coworkers

Office Affairs Are A Relatively Common Occurrence

So what do dentists think about workplace romances? “Bad for business. Don’t dip your pen in company ink,” said one. “Sexual harassment charges were brought against my associate.” “Sounds like
fun, but in the long run a bad idea,” advised another. “It almost cost me my office,” said one dentist who had dallied with a staff member.
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Smoke Pot, Increase Your Risk of Gum Disease

Clinical Proof that Smoking Marijuana Damages Gums

A recent study has revealed that heavy marijuana smokers face up to three times the risk of developing gum disease as those who have never smoked. Though it has long been suspected that smoking pot is as detrimental to oral health as smoking cigarettes, this study was the first to prove the gum disease connection.
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Every Kid’s Dream Come True: Candy That Fights Tooth Decay

New Lollipops Include Bacteria-Fighting Ingredient

A team at the UCLA School of Dentistry has developed a lollipop that fights tooth decay. Their sugar-free treats include an ingredient (naturally found in licorice) that kills Streptococcus mutans, the bacterium most responsible for causing tooth decay. The orange lollipops, sold as Dr. John’s Herbal Candy, are now available for purchase.

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Dental Practice Construction: Weekly Update

Machias Dental Continues Construction of New Facility

I’ve been telling you the story of how Machias Dental has outgrown its building. So Dr. James Sparaga is
building a brand-new dental facility with 7 operatories. This week: Uh oh! The dental practice design firm didn’t actually think through all of the details.

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