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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Mars and Venus Go to Dental School

Right now I’m running one of my most controversial surveys ever about the role of gender in dental school admissions. As men may work longer careers and donate more money, some feel that it’s okay for dental schools to favor male applicants, while others find that unacceptable. “I’m a little surprised that this topic has come into the open view, but it is undeniable,” commented one respondent. “The profession is losing manpower hours
at a time when there’s a call to serve more people.”
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Survey Press Release: Dental School Graduates Face the Real World

Practicing Dentistry Requires More Than Clinical Know-How

In this survey, we asked dentists if dental school prepares graduates for the real world of dentistry. Four out of five dentists said no, feeling that today’s graduates are unprepared for the financial realities of practicing dentistry. “Schools need extensive realistic practice management curriculum,
commented a Massachusetts dentist.

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Dental Nightmare: Children Strapped Down, Given Unnecessary Root Canals

Investigation Reveals Disturbing Trends at Pediatric Dental Practice

In December, a New York news channel aired video of children at a local pediatric dentistry office strapped in restraints, separated from their parents, and forced to undergo multiple root canals. Now former clinic director Dr. David Gardner (sent to prison for larceny) is speaking out for the first time, publicly acknowledging that much of this dental work was unnecessary.

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Dental Practice Construction: Weekly Update

Rocks? You Need Rocks? Call Machias Dental for Free Rocks!

I’ve been covering the story of the construction of Machias Dental’s new facility. This week:
The rocky New England ground doesn’t make the job any easier, but it was essential that all digging be completed before winter came and the ground froze.

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