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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

It Turns Out That Gender Discrimination Is a Controversial Topic

Tempers continues to flare over my gender and dental school admissions survey. I’ll report the results next
week, but in the meantime, you still have a chance to  vote! “I am a female dentist and the breadwinner in my family. I work more hours than the male counterparts in my practice,” wrote one respondent. “We should not discriminate based solely on gender, but for every slot in a dental school that is occupied, we are going to need a
reasonable output of care from that individual!” said a male dentist.

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Survey Results: Dentists’ Thoughts on Politics

Dentists Prefer the Republican Party

In this survey, we asked which party’s presidential candidate will win your vote for in November. Two out of three dentists picked the Republicans over the Democrats. Among our left-leaning dentists, two out of three prefer Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. “Finally we have a choice that could mean something for the future,” said one dentist. “I love that the candidates have the country excited about the presidential election and the electoral process,” agreed another. “I’m not happy with ANY of the candidates for president. It seems to me the choice will be between worse and worst!” moaned one, while
another prayed, “Dear God, have mercy on us.”

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Undercover Investigation: How Much Is Under Your Child’s Pillow?

Tooth Fairy Payouts Rising Sharply

Inflation causes prices to rise… and baby teeth are no exception. A recent poll of parents showed that the average Tooth Fairy payout these days is just over two dollars. In fact, this year’s price tag of $2.09 per baby tooth is 22% higher than last year’s $1.71. Most parents pay out $1, but an
increasing number have raised that to $5.

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Dental Practice Construction: Weekly Update

Machias Dental Continues Construction of New Facility

Work continues on building Machias Dental’s spacious new multi-operatory facility. This week:
It’s a mad rush to get the roof up before it snows. Will the inclement New England
weather halt construction?

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What’s on My Bookshelf This Week

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

by Stephen Covey

by Stephen Covey
Subtitled “Powerful Lessons in Personal Change,” there’s a good reason this book has become a classic. No matter who you are or what you do, wouldn’t you like to be more effective? Yep, that’s what I thought!

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