Dental Marketing Ideas – 087

News From The Wealthy Dentist #87

Editorial: Jim Du Molin


Gender and Dental School: The Secret Role of Alumni Donations

This week I’m exploring why (according to some people) a dental school might favor male applicants over female. The primary argument is one of access to care. In addition, many dentists are educated partially at the public’s expense. Finally (and possibly most importantly!), research has consistently shown that male alumni donate more, meaning dental schools will make larger profits from male graduates than female. You can never underestimate the importance of the financial bottom line.

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Survey Results: Gender and Dental School

Many Dentists Don’t Think Admissions Should Be Gender-Blind

Drum roll please! I recently asked you if certain factors might make it acceptable for dental schools to favor male applicants – and fully 42% of you said yes! Some see it as discrimination, whereas others think it would help preserve access to care. We received a record number of comments from dentists on this subject.

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Tooth Fairy Expose: Not All Kids Get Money Under Their Pillows

“Ratoncito Perez” Is Spanish for the Tooth Fairy

Our dear Tooth Fairy is not an international celebrity. According to the children’s book  Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World, baby teeth may tossed onto the roof, planted in the ground, or taken from under a child’s pillow by a friendly mouse (known in Spain as Ratoncito Perez).

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Reminisce with Me…

Burma Shave, Statler Brothers Bring Back Nostalgia for the 50’s

Here’s an entertaining video, especially for those of you who, like me, remember all the 1950’s had to offer: Burma Shave signs on the open highways, the Statler Brothers playing on the jukebox at the diner, and much more. This will bring it all back!

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Dental Practice Construction: Weekly Update

Construction Gets Harder When Your Design Company Disappears

Machias Dental is building a spacious new multi-operatory facility. This week: The trouble starts! T.H.e. design, one of the nation’s largest dental practice design firms, permanently closed its doors.
Ouch! Will construction be able to continue?

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What’s on My Bookshelf This Week

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
By Steven D. Levitt

Now revised and expanded, Freakonomics is better than ever. There’s a reason this book has become an instant classic! It’s a fascinating look into the often unpredictable world of economic cause and effect. Learn about business as you’re entertained by Levitt’s intriguing anecdotes.

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