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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

How Much Do You Really Know about Dental Labs?

Dentists depend on dental labs, but not all dentists know much about the lab business. For example, the Chinese dental labs that export to the US have hundreds of employees, operate 24 hours a day, and may offer on-site employee housing. And even if you’re using a US lab, you still might be getting imported products.

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Survey Results: Sedation Dentistry Services

From Nitrous Oxide to Oral Conscious Sedation and Beyond

When we asked dentists about the highest level of sedation dentistry they offer to their patients, responses were across the board. Some offer full anesthesia; others offer OCS; others offer no sedation services. A number of dentists voiced their preference for IV sedation. “It’s the platinum of sedation without side effects,” wrote a prosthodontist. “I would lose over half my practice without dental sedation,” said another dentist. But one dentist worried, “With some of the practitioners I’ve seen, conscious sedation is a catastrophe waiting to happen.”

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Dentistry, Dental Health & Diabetes

Research Reveals Further Connections Between Diabetes and Poor Oral Health

Dental researchers at NYU have found evidence that gum disease can lead to diabetes in pregnant women. Women suffering from periodontal disease were more likely to develop gestational diabetes than expectant mothers with healthy teeth and gums. Gestational diabetes has been linked to pre-term deliveries and raises a woman’s chance of developing Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes.
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