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News From The Wealthy Dentist #94 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

dental consultant Jim Du Molin

What’s Hurting Our Health Now? Water Bottles, Baby Bottles… and Dental Composite

Plastic bottles have been in the news lately because of bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical in some plastics that has estrogen-like effects that may cause health problems. Dentists need to know about another possible avenue for BPA exposure: dental composites and sealants. Though they don’t contain pure BPA, there’s still concern.
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Special Marketing Feature: Melinda Spitek,

Hycomb Marketing

dental marketing consultant Melinda SpitekConquer the Uphill Battle – Then Keep on Pumping

Along the route there will be hills, there will be valleys, and there will be long pleasant flat stretches. You need to keep pedaling at the same rhythm no matter what the situation. Switch gears as needed to adapt – but never come to a stop! It’s true for bicyclists, and it’s true for dental practice
marketing too.
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Dentistry Goes Punk with Tooth Tattoos

Dental Crowns For the Alternative Crowd

Unlike traditional tattoos, tooth tattoos can be removed in two minutes. The personalized design is baked into the crown’s enamel, and can even be placed on the tooth’s inside surface for a particularly private tattoo. Designs range from patriotic to floral to tribal and beyond.
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What Your Patients Are Reading

Bisphenol-A Declared Potentially Harmful by Health Canada

Health Canada had announced that bisphenol-A (BPA) is potentially harmful. The top concern is plastic baby bottles. When heated, BPA-containing bottles can leach significant amounts of the chemical, raising the level of BPA in the infant’s bloodstream. The chemical’s hormone-like effects could cause permanent health damage. BPA is found in other products as well, ranging from food
containers to dental sealants.
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What’s on My Bookshelf

Gung Ho! Turn On the People in Any Organization by Ken Blanchard

The author of the New York Times business bestseller Raving Fans is back with Gung Ho!, a management
book that explains how to increase productivity by fostering workplace morale. Couldn’t your office environment be improved by a morale boost?

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