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Editorial: Jim Du Molin

The Gap Between Dentists and Dental Labs

dental consultant Jim Du Molin


The other shoe has dropped. The lead scandal, a story that we have been covering for the last two months, has now gone national with a recent segment on ABC’s Good Morning AmericaDoctor, you had better have your story straight when your patients start asking you where your lab work is being done! In the meantime, I’ll examine some of the holes in the current system.
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Survey Results: Dental Insurance

Dentists Eager to Organize Against Insurance Companies

When we asked dentists if they would like to see their colleagues organize against dental insurance companies, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” Complaints about insurance are near-universal, especially given that most payouts haven’t risen in decades. “Insurance benefits no one but the insurance
company,” wrote one respondent. “Their mantra is ‘Ignore, Compartmentalize, and Deny!'” wrote another.

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Embezzlement Hits the Dental Laboratory

$170,000 in Gold Stolen from Dental Lab

Five people in Ohio have been found guilty of stealing gold from a dental lab. A casting technician at the lab stole $170,000 worth of gold over 16 years. The four other defendants helped redeem the stolen gold for cash. The investigation started after employees of a coin exchange noticed that one man repeatedly came in with suspicious globs of the precious metal.

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Dental Practice Construction:

New Dental Facility Will Require New Hygienist

As construction of Machias Dental’s new facility moves into its final stages, personnel issues are coming to the forefront. An associate dentist will be joining the practice at its new location, and it’s time to hire a hygienist or two. Of course, that’s easier said than done…

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What Your Patients Are Reading

Competition Loses to Teamwork in Softball Game

At stake: the Great Northwest Athletic Conference title. Western Oregon’s women’s softball team faced rival Central Washington. A WOU player hit the first home run of her career, then blew out her knee at first base. Rules prohibited her own teammates from assisting her. With the umpire’s approval, two members of the opposing team picked up their injured rival and carried her around the

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What’s on My Bookshelf

The Brand Called You by Peter Montoya

Selling 101
Billing itself as The Ultimate Personal Branding Handbook to Transform Anyone into an Indispensable Brand, this book focuses on the concept of personal branding. When marketing a dental practice, it’s essential to realize that the dentist’s personality is a key ingredient, and name recognition is the holy
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