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Editorial: Jim Du Molin


Dental News Highlights: From the Hilarious to the Humiliating


dental consultant Jim Du MolinAs I peruse the dental news headlines this week, I’m struck by how many stories
there are of dentists doing foolish things. Does the dental profession look bad when reports surface of embarrassing behavior by dentists? This week, there’s the Chicago dentist linked to a prostitution ring, the Louisiana dentist who
won’t pay taxes because he’s an “ambassador to Heaven,”
and the guy in London whose girlfriend performs stripteases upstairs from his dental practice.
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Survey Results: Dentistry and Public Health Threats

Dentists Most Concerned about Lead in Dental Work


In our most recent survey, we asked dentists how concerned they are about various potential public health threats linked to dentistry. Lead in dental lab work was dentists’ top worry, followed by bisphenol-A in dental composite and sealants. Concern levels were lower for mercury and fluoride. “All four of these need to be totally nailed down as to their safety, or lack, thereof,” said one dentist. “I’d like to be doing all gold restorations,” sighed another.
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What Your Patients Are Reading

Detroit Free Press Investigates Hockey Team’s Dental Realities


Though it’s well known that they face dental dangers at every turn, hockey players seem to be more reluctant than other athletes to wear mouthguards. The NHL doesn’t require them, so only about half of all professional players wear mouthguards, with the rest complaining that mouthguards are uncomfortable or impair their breathing. Red Wings player Darren McCarty sports a gap-toothed
smile, and has said that he won’t replace the missing tooth until he retires from hockey.
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Dental News: Making the Best of Tough Times

Dentist Lets Patients Barter for Treatment


A Mississippi dentist experimented recently with a “Trade Day” where he offered fillings, extractions and cleanings in
return for items such as artwork, bicycles, cakes and pies. The event was more about helping uninsured patients
than bartering for the actual value of the dental work involved. Patients lined up early; By 9:30am, 60 had signed in, and the rest had to be turned away. Citing the movie “Doc Hollywood” as his inspiration, the doctor says he’s considering making it a regular event.
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