Dental Marketing Ideas – 102

News From The Wealthy Dentist #102 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin


Dental Practice Facilities: Is Bigger Really Always Better?


A Washington state dentist has set his sights on building a dental practice so large that he’s nicknamed it the “Disneyland of dentistry.” The facility will delight children with games and giant sculptures of prehistoric animals, while adults will be able to enjoy free Internet access and deluxe coffee drinks. His business model focuses on treating lots of patients (many of them low-income) with lots of tooth decay.  Click to continue…

Survey Results: Favorite Treatment Options

Dentists Love Cosmetic Dentistry Best of All


In our most recent survey, we asked dentists about their favorite treatment options. Cosmetic dentistry was the clear winner, pulling in over one-third of the total vote (and one-half of the general dentist vote). Specialists, on the other hand, voiced a clear preference for dental implants. While a quarter of urban dentists like Invisalign, rural dentists do not feel the same way.   Click to continue…

State and Local Dental Associations

A Grand Political Battle in New York State


The New York Times is reporting on a political battle between rival dental societies.  On the one side, we have the NY State Dental Association. On the other side is a Manhattan-based local society that’s fighting for its very survival. A bill now in Albany could let the state group eliminate the local group entirely. So why is this such a big deal? Not surprisingly, the answer is financial.  Click to continue…


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