Dental Marketing Ideas – 103

News From The Wealthy Dentist #103 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Contrary to US Law, Veterans May Be Getting Foreign Dental Work

VA hospitals and clinics provide US veterans with medical and dental care. In using government funds, they are
legally committed (or at least, they’re supposed to be) to “Buy American” when it comes to medical products. But Ohio station WBNS (the same folks who uncovered the lead scandal) report that, when it comes to dental prosthetics, lots of vets are getting foreign-made work.
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Survey Results: Patient Stealing

Dentists Complain of Employees Who Steal Patients

In our most recent survey, nearly half of dentists reported that they had had problems with “patient-stealing” by associate dentists or employees who had left their practice. “A Financial Coordinator worked for 5 weeks with us. Every patient she scheduled never showed,” said one dentist. “She was calling my patients from her cell phone and diverting them to her previous employer.”

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Misplaced Dental Tools Bad for Overall Health

Dental Patient Dies After Tools Dropped Down Throat

A Florida man died after his dentist accidentally dropped tools down his throat – twice! In 2006, the doctor dropped a medical screwdriver down the 90-year-old patient’s throat. The tool had to be removed via colonoscopy. Then, in 2007, the dentist accidentally dropped a torque wrench down his
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What’s on My Bookshelf

Business ethicsA Primer on Business Ethics
by James Chesher

Providing a general overview of business ethics along with specific examples, this book shows how ethical behavior and success can go hand-in-hand. Author Chesher examines the issue from a libertarian perspective, so not all will agree with his conclusions.

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