Dental Marketing Ideas – 104

News From The Wealthy Dentist #104 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Special Marketing Feature: Melinda Spitek

To Avoid Logo Disasters, Professional Design Is a Must


Logos are everywhere, and rightly so. There is no more memorable and permanent way to establish an identity with a target audience – in your case, patients. But if you want to display the right identity, you’ll want to hire a professional. Unless, of course, you’d rather be like the “Kid’s Exchange” store
whose sign unfortunately seems to read “Kid Sex Change.” Want to see some other logo disasters?

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What Your Patients Are Reading

British Survey Finds Acid Erosion on Children’s Teeth


A recent survey of British dentists indicates children may be damaging their teeth by over-brushing.
Fully 79% of dentists reported seeing more acid erosion on kids’ teeth. The survey also found that just over half of fiver-year-olds suffer from acid erosion. Though it’s no surprise to dentists, most kids and parents don’t know that over-brushing damages teeth.
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Dental Practice Construction Nearly Complete for Maine Dentist


Machias Dental: Almost Ready to Move In!


Earlier this year, I began to tell you the tale of Machias Dental. Dr. James Sparaga and his wife are constructing the dental practice of their dreams in rural Maine. Between the weather and contractors, the staffing issues and the equipment problems, they’ve had their hands full for many months. However, their saga is finally drawing to a close! The building has been constructed and the pavement

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What’s on My Bookshelf

Lean Thinking
by James Womack

James P. WomackBanish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation [Revised and Updated]

Toyota revolutionized manufacturing (indeed, all of business) with its concept of lean marketing. The core principle is to maximize efficiency, thereby increasing productivity and profit. The concept of lean marketing extends far beyond the auto factory; it can improve the bottom line of almost any endeavor.

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