Dental Marketing Ideas – 106

News From The Wealthy Dentist #106 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

Recruiting RDHs with State Mailing List Proves Controversial

Dr. Sparaga has had trouble luring hygienists to his practice in rural Maine.  So he bought a mailing list from the
State Bureau of Records for $35. And controversy ensured! Another Maine doctor criticized, “This is not the way we ‘do things’ in Maine.”  To that, I would say, “If you’re taking care of your hygienists, then you have nothing to worry about.” Plus, check out Dr. Sparaga’s diplomatic response.

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Survey: Dental Insurance

Over Half of Dentists Dropping Out of the Insurance Game

Dentists are sick and tired of dental insurance companies dictating fees and treatments. Just over half of the dentists in this survey said that they had mostly or completely stopped accepting dental insurances.

“We still work with hundreds of insurance companies by filing the paperwork, etc,” said an Ohio dentist. “But by not being ‘in-network’ on any plan, we get paid for what we do.

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Special Cosmetic Feature by Catherine Maley, MBA

Introducing Botox in Your Dental Practice

More and more dental practices are offering Botox and other aesthetic services to their patients. I’ve made a career of examining the unique needs and desires of aesthetic patients. Offering Botox is not the same as offering root canals, and you shouldn’t approach the two in the same way!

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Author of
Your Aesthetic Practice
, Catherine Maley will offer a regular column for The Wealthy Dentist.

What Your Patients Are Reading

Dentists’ Hands Might Be Dirtier Than You’d Expect

A study of New York dental practitioners found that most are not following the hand-cleaning recommendations of the CDC. Published in July’s Journal of the ADA, it found that 19% of dentist respondents don’t wash or disinfect their hands between patients. Even more surprising, some 20% reported that they don’t wear gloves at all. With hand hygiene like this it’s enough to make you wonder which century we’re in!
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Motivating Kids to Succeed in School

Chocolate Bribe Angers Dentists, Delights Schoolchildren!

A U.K. principal’s unusual plan to motivate students may have raised the wrath of the British Dental Association, but it seems to be working.  Frustrated with discipline problems at Norfolk’s Recastle Furze Primary, the school decided to reward its 240 pupils for good behavior with chocolate bars.
The school hasn’t had a single suspension in the past three years, and test scores have gotten higher.
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What’s on My Bookshelf

The Little Book of Business Wisdom
by Peter Krass

Peter KrassRules of Success from More than 50 Business Legends

Find business advice from household names like Bill Gates and Lee Iacocca. The book is jam-packed with business ideas from a wide range of sources. Sometimes their advice can be contradictory, but no matter what, it’s sure to get you thinking about business a little more critically.

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