Dental Marketing Ideas – 107

News From The Wealthy Dentist #107 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin

US Dentists Unclear on Botox Regulations

Dentists in the UK know where they stand on Botox: they are permitted to offer it, but they are not allowed to market their Botox services alongside their dental expertise. In the US, regulations vary by state and are often unclear. Some feel that dentists have no business eliminating forehead wrinkles, but I disagree. I believe that dentists’ understanding of head and neck anatomy and acute sense of facial aesthetics makes them the obvious choice for this type of cosmetic treatment.
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Survey: Cosmetic Services

Dentists Torn over Offering Botox

Botox is big business these days, and more and more dentists are getting in on the action. In our most recent survey, 16% of dentists said they are already offering Botox to their dental patients; 27% said they would if regulations permitted; 37% said they might offer it someday; and 20% said they never would.

“I’m a dentist, not a plastic surgeon!” scoffed one respondent.

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Special Marketing Feature: Melinda Spitek

Considering Direct Mail to Grow Your Practice? (Part 1 of 3)

Direct mail can be a hugely rewarding stimulus to your practice.  And the best way to start is working on a campaign to the most important patients of all: the ones you already have! You might start with quarterly communications to patients that can double as your direct mail piece.  But to get the most pop for your penny, pick your time, pick your location and, most of all, be consistent.
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What Your Patients Are Reading

Will Dental Drills Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

New technology could help ease dental anxiety by eliminating the need for a drill in the first place. Based on Raman spectroscopy, the optical device would allow practitioners to spot bacteria on teeth, as bacteria scatter light rays in a different way from healthy teeth. Though human trials have not yet begun, the doctor behind the project hope to have the technology ready for use by dental practices within five years.
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What’s on My Bookshelf

American Business, 1920-2000
by Thomas K. McCraw

Thomas K. McCrawHow It Worked (The American History Series)

This book offers an overview of American business in the 20th century that is as broad as it is deep. It includes profiles of representative companies, from the success of Ford and McDonald’s to the decline of once-powerful RCA. Individual chapters also focus on topics such as finance, pharmaceuticals or technology.
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