Dental Marketing Ideas – 108

News From The Wealthy Dentist #108 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Survey: Dental Guarantees

Five Out of Six Dentists Don’t Guarantee Their Work


In this survey, only 18% of dentists reported that they formally guarantee their dental work. While many dentists follow an honor code of sorts, very few offer official guarantees. “My malpractice insurance carrier doesn’t want me to guarantee anything verbally or in writing,” said one dentist. “However, if the treatment hasn’t held up due to something I could have done better, I always redo it at no charge.”
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Special Cosmetic Feature by Catherine Maley, MBA

Dental Practices Can Offer Cosmetic Services, Too!


By thinking outside of the box, dentists can reach a valuable target demographic: aesthetic patients looking for treatments such as Botox, Restylane, or cosmetic facial lasers. I’ve got some easy marketing strategies that will help you reach these patients, both initially and over the long haul.
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Author of  Your Aesthetic Practice, Catherine Maley studies the motivations of cosmetic patients.

What Your Patients Are Reading

Dentists: Your Patients Might Be Lying to You!


Dental Patients LieA recent poll of 1,000 Americans found that over 40% of adults admit to lying to their dentists, claiming that they always brush for the recommended time. In addition, 25% said they lie about how frequently they floss. Patients also frequently lie to receptionists about why they’re cancelling their appointment. Significantly, many patients do not tell their dentists about other serious
health problems.
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Politics and Practice Management

How the Next President Could Affect Your Dental Career


Will the results of this November’s presidential election change your retirement plans? Well, Hy Smith thinks they might. Managing partner of ADS Florida, he helps dentists develop exit strategies. “Post election, there is a distinct possibility that the capital gains rate will increase, which could create a significant increase in the seller’s tax burden,” said Smith. “That would be a reason to sell this year over next.”

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What’s on My Bookshelf

The Goal
by Eliyahu Goldratt

business novel
A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Just being a “business novel” is enough to make this book unique. The story centers on a  businessman named Alex whose factory is failing and marriage is suffering. Alex seeks out a management guru and learns that some of his business principles aren’t as solid as he had thought.
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