Dental Marketing Ideas – 111

News From The Wealthy Dentist #111 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Nine Truths of Dental Marketing: Jim Du Molin

Dental Websites Should Pay for Themselves


I just got back from Denver where my 90-year-old mother told me how much she liked her bank. Can you believe this: the bank manager actually invited her out to dinner! Now that’s what I call customer service. It somehow reminds me of what I’ve been talking about in “The 9 Truths of Dental Marketing.” My latest installment, Dental Website Marketing Return-on-Investment Analysis (ROI), is
online now!
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Survey: Presidential Election

Dentists Say McCain Would Be Better for Dentistry


In this survey, we asked dentists which presidential candidate would be better for dentistry. Two out of three dentists surveyed said John McCain would be a better president for dentists. One in six favored Obama, and the remaining one in six said there would be no difference between the two. “Because of his sensational smile, Obama would give cosmetic dentistry a boost by being President,” offered one dentist.

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What Your Patients Are Reading

New Study Links Gum Disease and Male Infertility


Two Israeli doctors – one a periodontal specialist, the other a fertility specialist – studied 56 men who had all visited a fertility clinic. Overall, these subjects had poor gum health. Only 13% had healthy gums. Half of the men with zero sperm counts had chronic gum disease. Gum disease has already been linked with a host of other health problems ranging from heart disease to diabetes. Why not add one more to the list?

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Political News

Joe Biden Has Most Exciting Trip to Dentist’s Ever!


It was quite possibly the single most important telephone call of Joe Biden’s life: Barack Obama officially asked him to run for VP. But wouldn’t you know it… Biden was at the dentist’s office when the call
came in.
Though it was originally reported that he was having dental work done, his wife was having a root canal, so Biden did not actually have to accept Obama’s offer through a numb and cotton-filled mouth.

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What’s on My Bookshelf

Beyond the Brand
by John Winsor

John Winsor
Why Engaging the Right Customers is Essential to Winning in Business

It’s the 21st century, and author Winsor predicts a new era of branding. While brands used to be driven from the top down, Winsor instead advocates a “bottom-up” approach that prioritizes winning the loyalty of select customer segments.

Want to get the book?

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