Dental Marketing Ideas – 113

News From The Wealthy Dentist #113 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Nine Truths of Dental Marketing: Jim Du Molin

Dental Marketing: The 5 Biggest Mistakes

Yes! We finally made it to the 9th Truth! We waited until we got your comments from the first 8 videos to produce the final “Truth.” I think you’ll be pleased with segment #9. In any case, feel free to
post your personal comments to the blog.
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Survey: Presidential Election

VP Candidates Change a Few Opinions


In this survey, we asked dentists if the announcement of VP candidates had caused them to reconsider their votes. Three out of four dentists have already made up their minds, and were not swayed by the VP choices. On the other hand, fully 18% said they expected the VP to change their vote. “The VP choice did not change my outlook, but did renew my enthusiasm,” said one dentist.

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Special Lease Feature by Lewis Gelmon

Dental Dilemmas in Real Estate


dental lease advocate Lewis GelmonWhen dentists purchase commercial property, they typical follow one of three scenarios: (1) buying into the ownership group occupying space in the same building, (2) purchasing an office condominium, or (3) purchasing a free-standing building and converting it into a dental office. I’ll tell you which strategy is least risky.

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Dental tenant advocate Lewis Gelmon has reviewed thousands of leases for dentists since 1994.

Dental Advertising News

Nighttime Dentist Launches New Ad Campaign


Dr. Patty Ross is a dentist in Brentwood, California, whose office is open from 6pm to 2am, Monday through Friday. Boutique advertising agency AdVille has announced a new ad campaign that features spoof horror movie posters like “They Floss By Night” and “Bite Of The Living Dead.”
It’s one of the most interesting dental ad campaigns I’ve seen in a while!
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What Your Patients Are Reading


UK Supermarket To Introduce In-Store Dentist


The UK is getting its very first dental surgery inside of a supermarket! The private dental office is slated to open this week in Sainsbury’s grocery store near Manchester, England. The in-store dentist concept is the brainchild of Lance Knight. Mr. Knight already runs the Ultimate Smile Spa, and he’s hoping the Sainsbury’s Surgery trial will be so successful that it is extended to additional stores.
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What’s on My Bookshelf


Marketing Playbook by John Zagula

John Zagula
Five Battle-Tested Plays for Capturing and Keeping the Lead in Any Market

Comparing business to football, this book offers 5 marketing “plays,” complete with examples and illustrations. Examples include “stealth play,” where you target underdeveloped markets, or “high-low” play, where you simultaneously present high-end and low-end offerings.

Want to get the book?

Results Marketing

Another Satisfied IDA Dentist“In reviewing my production for last year, I determined that my web marketing campaign with the Internet Dental Alliance brought in 226 referrals! Plus, I have recently received a large cosmetic case with a treatment plan for $16,000 in cosmetic reconstruction,” writes Dr. Morgan Scheiber of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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