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News From The Wealthy Dentist #115 Dental Marketing Newsletter

Editorial: Jim Du Molin


The Difference Between British and American Teeth

To those of us in the US, bad British teeth are a running joke. But Americans may be surprised to learn that the British mock us for our teeth as well. Stereotypes say that the British all have crooked brown teeth, and the Americans all have over-bleached teeth that look like dentures. In the spirit of a recent
BBC article on the subject, we put together a quick quiz of celebrity smiles.
Can you tell the Brits from the Americans?
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Survey: Gold Crowns

High Price of Gold Leads to a Few Less Gold Teeth



In this survey, 6% of dentists reported that they have noted a decrease in demand for gold crowns due to the high price of gold. (Here’s hoping your money’s in gold, not Washington Mutual stocks…) However, most dentists agree that patients today tend to want tooth-colored restorations. “I have averaged about one gold restoration per year over the past twelve years, and that hasn’t changed,” said one dentist.
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Dentist Forcibly Repossesses Dental Work
This Does Nothing for the Reputation of German Dentists



A German dentist recently handled an unpaid bill in one of the worst ways imaginable: by tearing the dental work right out of the patient’s mouth. (After he had broken into her house and tied her up.) Since neither the woman nor her insurance company had paid the bill, he decided to repossess the dental bridge. He’s now facing possible criminal charges and being investigated by the dental association.
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Special Lease Feature by Lewis Gelmon

Most Dentists Forget the Risk Costs When Leasing Office Space

dental lease advocate Lewis GelmonDentists need office space, and that typically requires a lease. But beware: all leases are not created equal! Stop focusing on the monthly costs and start thinking about the overall financial risks you’re taking. I will often uncover well over half a million dollars in Risk Cost in most dental office leases I review.

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Dental tenant advocate Lewis Gelmon has reviewed thousands of leases for dentists since 1994.

Survey Video: Dental Continuing Education

More Dentists Using the Internet for CE



This video reports on a Wealthy Dentist survey that asked dentists if they use the Internet as part of their formal dental continuing education. The slight majority said yes, though many dentists still complete their dental CE hours the old-fashioned way. Notably, geography plays a critical role in how likely
dentists are to go online for their continuing education hours.

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What’s on My Bookshelf


Mass Affluence
by Paul Nunes

Mass Affluence Seven New Rules of Marketing to Today’s Consumer

This book examines the rise in popularity of “luxury” goods and services. With the average consumer wanting “premium” products, author Nunes recommends aiming for a price point that’s above average but below super-premium.
Want to get the book?


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