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This week we’re launching our new design! We hope you’ll like it, even though it probably won’t make up for the crashing stock market!

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25th Wedding Anniversary Sale

Today Suzanne and I are celebrating out 25th wedding anniversary! To celebrate, I’m doing something I’ve never done before: putting ALL our
dental marketing programs
on sale
for the next 36 hours. If the economic climate is getting you down, click to  check out the sale…

Survey: Do You Accept Medicaid? 

In our most recent survey, two-thirds of dentists revealed that they do not accept Medicaid. “Medicaid is a loss leader,” said one dentist. “If they ever reimburse for what the procedures, time and materials are worth, I might change my mind.” Click to continue to article…

Survey Video: VP Candidates
A Wealthy Dentist survey recently revealed that the vice presidential candidates may change the votes of a significant number of dentists. We discuss the election and share some dentists’ comments in this video.
Click to watch the video…

InChairTV Offers Video Distractions for Patients

Though only about 400 US dentists have so far laid out $500 for the
entertainment system, InChairTV has big dreams of distracting dental
while dentists do their dirty work. The company is now selling
advertising spots. Click to  continue to article…

Half of People Are Stupider Than Average 

I recently saw one of the most idiotic headlines I can recall: Half
of Our Children’s Dental Health Is Worse than National Average

It is, of course, true. By definition, half of anything is worse than average! Click to  continue to article…

Survey Video: Yellow Pages Advertising
There are many different avenues for dentists seeking to actively market their dental practices. In this video, we discuss a poll that revealed that most dentists and dental practices advertise in the Yellow Pages as part of their dental marketing. Click to watch the video…

Results Marketing
“Thanks to the Internet Dental Alliance, I’ve gotten thirty new patients over six months. The average value of these new patients from my
dental practice website is $6,500 each,” writes Dr. Janice Ormsby of Ithaca, New York. Read more marketing stories…

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Looking to start a conversation about dental marketing programs right now? We’re here to help. You can sign up for a marketing program, update your current IDA coverage, or just learn more about marketing. Click to chat with an operator…


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