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News from The Wealthy Dentist
How’s your stock portfolio doing? It’s brutal out there, but a smart dentist can still do well…
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Editorial: Are Economic Woes Affecting You?
You don’t need to be Alan Greenspan to know the economy is in trouble. I know it’s already directly affected some dental practices. Let me give you my take on the situation and the three factors contributing
to our current downward spiral. Click to  continue to article…

Survey: Do You Market to Sleep Apnea Patients?In our most recent survey, two out of five dentists revealed that they
market their services to sleep apnea patients.
“If you don’t market to them, at LEAST screen them for the disorder,” advised one dentist. “You owe it to your patients.” Click to continue to article…

Dentists Insist Coke Does Indeed Rot Teeth
Coca-Cola’s new Australian ad campaign features different legends about the classic soft drink. But when Coke went so far as to suggest that the soda does not in fact rot teeth, dentists and other health experts vigorously disagreed. Click to  continue to article…

(Human) Dentistry Optional in a Tough Economy
An article in the Irish Times describes one particularly remarkable penny-pinching measure: “A woman said that she was cancelling her own dental checkup because her dog needed one too, and she couldn’t afford both.”
Click to  continue to article…
Survey Video: Cosmetic Dentistry SpecialistsWith all the money to be made in cosmetic dentistry, it’s no surprise that
dentists aren’t eager to have cosmetic dentistry become a recognized specialty like Periodontics or Ortho. In this video, we discuss dentists’ reactions to the idea.

Results Marketing
“My Internet Dental Alliance dental marketing program is extremely effective; we are currently averaging approximately 20 new patients per month via the website,” writes Dr. Mark Mancin of Gladstone, Missouri. Read more marketing stories…

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