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Congratulations on electing a new president, America! Now, if we could just figure out what it’s going to mean for dentists…

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What Is the Best Investment You Can Make Today?

The answer to the above is… your dental practice. Your practice is one of the few things you personally have control over. I suggest you double your marketing…unless you really want your competitors to
kick sand in your face for the next year!
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Half of Dentists Ready To Unionize

Paging Dr. Hoffa! In our most recent survey, we found that fully 50% of dentists are ready for dentists to unionize. “The wimps running the dental societies certainly don’t help when it comes to the insurers,” complained one dentist. Click to continue to article…

What Does Obama’s Victory Mean for Dentistry? 

What do you think the presidential election is going to mean for dentists and dental practices? Though many dentists tend to vote conservatively, others are excited for a more liberal administration. Share your thoughts before Jim Du Molin weighs in… Click to
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Home Dentistry Videos on YouTube Upset Dentists

Do-it-yourself dentistry has become a bit of a British tradition. “YouTube
is full of home whitening advice videos, such as people showing how they
brush hydrogen peroxide straight onto the teeth,” complains a UK dentist. “These are irresponsible and dangerous.” Click to
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Survey Video: Dental Marketing Ethics
This video reports on a survey that asked dentists if some dental practice marketing is unethical, sullying the reputation of dentists in the eyes of the public. Jim Du Molin and Julie Frey discuss dentists’ responses and comments. Click to watch the video…

Results Marketing 

“On average, our Internet Dental Alliance website brings in 2-4 patients per month. We find that these patients complete their treatment plans. They have included a cosmetic case for $8,000,” writes Dr. Mark Corn of Elkhard, Indiana. Read more marketing stories…

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